Monday, May 12, 2008

Still here

A hectic couple weeks...has anyone missed me? Does anyone read these words? Who are you? What defines you? Are you happy?

These last weeks have been spent experiencing every emotion. I wasn't feeling well and my father came to visit. Is this a good mix? The kids became absolutely insane without the normalcy of my regular routines. Do you ever go through something like that and can't imagine the life you led while you were well? I missed my energy. Now I'm up and running, Papa has gone home. I am dressed decently with make up mind you and could tap dance with Molly in the living room. My beautiful husband comes home this weekend and I am very grateful for feeling better. Molly will turn five tomorrow. I am not sure where the time has gone as she was just my little baby girl. Birthday's are big doings in our house. Who doesn't like cake and a stack of gifts? By big doings I guess I mean to us it is a big deal. We are not the rent a clown and jumpy castle kind of people. More like hide the cake in the laundry room and hang balloons from the dining room chandelier. I like to decorate for each kid, in the beginning when the older girls were young I had fun finding vintage Holly Hobbie party stuff and making patchwork tablecloths, as they grew older I realized vintage to a kid was just the old stuff from Mom's closet, they wanted glitter and pinatas. Molly is still young enough to enjoy the junk from my closet and I am excited to make her day fun. Speaking of Holly Hobbie I made the above costume for Molly, I hope someday she treasures it as it took me way too long to make!

My list is long with playing catch up. My sewing machine has dust on it, so does the elliptical.

Have a great Monday!


Dawn Gahan said...

I missed ya big time! Checked your blog every day and got rather tired of re-reading Supper Tonite (hehe). I was thrilled to click on your URL and see Still Here!

Glad your household is back to normal, and it sounds you are too.

Molly's Holly Hobbie outfit is adorable. Nobody needs to convince me that Holly Hobbie is wonderful. I think I've got two posts about her on my site.

Welcome back. You were sorely missed.


Christina said...

Molly looks sooo adorable! It was well worth all the effort. That little outfit will be cherished I'm sure!

Kathy said...
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