Monday, September 8, 2008


It was a nice weekend around here. Friday was my birthday which put the kids and Ken into a high energy party mode. Everything turns secretive and they hush when I walk through a room. Truly this is my favorite part of even having a birthday. I don't even mind the yards of scotch tape I pull of the dining room ceiling from the rolls of crepe paper. They all unite and never fail to make me blubber at their kind hearts. Is this too mooshy? As the kids get older their creativity grows with them. I love this, it makes me so happy to see them dive in a project--this is a gift in itself.

Hadley makes me a card each year, the "Mom" one is my favorite. She cut each tiny circle flower individually from Mary Engelbreit page a day calendar sheets. Maggie outdid herself by sketching Ken and I at a recent military function. And Sam surprised me by buying buttons. He bought me buttons! I wish I could have seen him picking them out and paying for them. They surprise me, I needed one of these emotional moments to reassure me they are doing just fine. Moving and going to a new school (especially the high schoolers) I often feel like the bad guy. I want so much for them! Should I keep going on and on about my kids and my birthday??? Me me me!

But yes the weekend was warm and sunny and we filled any time we could with chores. The little kids played in the sprinkler while the older ones opted to earn some extra money mowing and stacking hay. Henry got his huge mop of hair cut off and looks like a sweet 1950's boy.

I managed to sew quite a bit, though mostly boring stuff. I want these curtains done so I can work on something fun.

Here is the computer desk cover, the previous one I made was a floral pattern. The front room houses most of Ken's books and decor and has western feel to the design. I bought some reproduction western fabric for the windows and hope to finish and put the room together by the end of the week. Yee haw cowboy.


Dawn Gahan said...

Thank you for the birthday wish! Now here's one back-at-cha for a Happy Belated Birthday!

Such lovely, heartfelt gifts. The handmade ones and those picked out with such thought (like your buttons) are the best.