Monday, April 13, 2009

Hoping everyone had a terrific weekend. It was a nice weekend here...filled with stormy weather (even a rainbow!) and Easter related activities. The bunny has come and gone and left it's malted, speckled eggs, of which I ate twenty too many. Gross, yes? It didn't seem so at the time.
My sewing machine has been going full speed keeping my hands busy. I finished Molly's Birthday Party Dress from Oliver +S. It is perfect for a summer party or for market shopping with baby to buy wooden toast to make mother a tea snack. Mother's love wooden toast.

I wanted to thank you for your nice comments from my last post. They gave me strength which I really needed. Easter has given me renewal, and today on this brand new day I shall focus on the positives and find beauty in them. Sorry to get all sappy!


Emily said...

That dress is ADORABLE!! You have been busy for sure :)

Various and Sunday said...

Beautiful dress. Great color. And just look at her little set up there - the wooden toast factory! Also love your vintage easter card nestled among the flowers. Very cute!

Laura said...

I love everything...the pictures, dress, little fun and beautiful.
And now I need to go and make tacos.
I would rather be in your home.