Thursday, March 28, 2013

the post where I free myself from tuna casserole


Yesterday I made the comment of watching too many Mad Men episodes and setting the table with vintage Pyrex.


After reading Jemm’s comment about Butterprint dishes I thought I’d share some Pyrex.

Well the plates aren’t Pyrex in real life but I suppose in my brain they are as I use them with it.

I used to be so guarded about using vintage things with so many kids in the house. 

Something in me changed about ten years ago and we use it often now.  It’s okay if it breaks.  Kind of.


I had to control myself with collecting Pyrex, there are so many great patterns.  We move too often, so I settled on two patterns.  Butterprint is my favorite and the brown stuff reminds me of my mother.  I think I ate 1000 tuna noodle casseroles in that brown dish.

FYI I don’t really like tuna casserole.  Sorry, mother but I feel so free for admitting that.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

little crochet dresses


My mother has always been gracious in passing on to me her childhood dolls.  Little teeny dolls with even teenier dresses crocheted by her grandmother.  Her grandmother would sew, knit, crochet whole wardrobes for her dolls.  Elaborate little wool pantsuits complete with beret and little socks.


Dresses, with bonnets and ribbon adornment.


I think of all the thoughtfulness and how she lovingly sat and made each piece.  I display them on little shelves here and there, when I think of it I walk by and blow the dust off. Although as you can see in the above picture that system isn’t very efficient.

I went to an auction recently where no one was buying any of the handiwork items.

Little dresses, doilies, edged hankies.  Of course I had no trouble buying it except from the person who is playing the part of my husband (we have a legal contract).  And truthfully he is always generous in his emotions when dealing with my love-of-old-stuff gene.  He has his own old stuff gene that has less to do with handiwork and more to do with old signs and clocks.

It’s just all that love and sentiment in each item.  It is kind of heartbreaking!

These things are from that sale:


741a 737a


It’s been quiet around here lately.  I’ve been restless, the kind that you are too fidgety to read a book so you rewatch Mad Men in time for the new season next month. 

It must be affecting me because I set the table last night with only vintage Butterprint Pyrex and I put my hair up in a twist.  Geek alert?


Friday, March 8, 2013

a little color

The washed out colors of winter have worn out their welcome.


It is good to have some color in the house.  The daffodils make me happy.


Sawyer’s pink cheeks. I seriously can’t kiss them enough.


Speaking of baby cheeks. 


And babies in general.  I bought a small box of these little guys, you can see by his face he’s happy to be in his new home.



These big clothespins were on clearance at Michael’s.  That is why I bought a whole bunch.  Because you can’t have too many big clothespins…especially when you need them to hang your big underwear on the line haha.


Remember my last post and the snow covered lawn table?

This is from this morning, and the snow is still coming down.

March 8, 2013:


Spring, come soon!

Monday, March 4, 2013

seeds of growth

Things outside haven’t changed much in the last couple months. 

Cold. Snow.


Talk of more snow.

February 9, 2013:


March 4, 2013:


It doesn’t upset me exactly but I think my innards are starting to realize it’s March and I miss the sun and being frolicky outside. The snow is too high for the younger kids to walk in, they have a little cabin fever.


We bought a large lot of  old outdoor stuff at the auction last Friday.  But I am thinking of hanging these on the barn wall instead of trying to use them and eventually harpoon my feet upright in the snow.

My brain has been full of thoughts of spring and the garden.  I want it to be magnificent this year but don’t I say that every year?  I like this stage of dreaming about it so just go with me on this. It will be great, right?  I ordered starter potatoes and planted everything that can be started indoors.



If the snow ever melts (it will, right?) I will plant my favorite cool weather crops and before I know it things will be growing out there in that artic land.

It just seems too good to be true!