Monday, June 9, 2014

of planes and plants

When I am outside in the back where the garden quietly grows I occasionally hear a jet overhead flying towards the north.  I imagine all the people on board and the hurried process that they went through to get them there.  I ponder this with the knees of my garden pants soaking through as I kneel and weed. 

Usually I am glad I am not on the plane.  I’m happy to be where I am—in the garden.  It is the first part of June during a somewhat cool weather spring.  The plants are just waiting for a burst of humid summer air to help them grow.  They look small and spindly right now.  It is hard to imagine we will have a bounty ever. 

Maggie was on one of those high flying jets recently.  She went through all the stress of planning and packing and hurrying.  She is in England now, a whole new world.  I can hear the excitement in her voice as she speaks of her adventure.  She plays it cool though…wanting to be calm and sophisticated when really the child in her is giddy with all the freedom she feels in a new city.

We went swimming yesterday in the lake near our house.  It was all I hoped!  It was warm enough out to work up a sweat and the water was cold enough to make you yell yowzah.  {Perfect}

There are good books stacked on my nightstand and only one more day of school.  We will celebrate this with a beach day and cupcakes.  Isn’t it nice to have a weather app to check the weather and not sit through the local news of blah blah blah just to hear the weather guy tell you the forecast in a roundabout way???