Thursday, March 23, 2017

a tea time check in

I have been missing my blog lately.  So today I am here.  Everything is busy in life and my children are growing as much as ever.  I miss the timeline of looking back and reading those silly posts when I wrote about the simplest of days.  Can I squeeze my blog in my daily list of priorities?  I don't know but hopefully this can-do attitude will stick around and I will sneak in some posting time here and there.
It's been a long winter, but we have had no trouble filling these cold days up with our busy schedules. It's time to take a step back while we await the arrival of spring and readjust.  I like adjustments, they usually make everything even better than it was to begin with.
Just to make sure it is still winter at the shoreline we occasionally pop in and walk until the whipping wind hurries us away.

Snow at the ocean seems like such a travesty, doesn't it?  It is surely the thing that doesn't belong in that preschool game of What Doesn't Belong Here.
So with some positive thoughts I will be back to visit soon.  Cheers to you and yours!