Saturday, December 5, 2009

doing stuff

Time spent lately has been in the most happiest of ways. It really doesn't amount to any magical formula. Just a melting pot of many activities and realizing how nice "family" feels. I feel inspired reading through your blogs. The holiday spirit seems to be in full swing. There are so many great ideas and so little time! I love this idea and will probably make it for a few friends...

The decorating around here has been sporadic. We will finish the tree tonight hopefully while watching Elf.

In the meantime we have been celebrating the birthdays of two special boys. I like this picture with their reflection in the glass.

This one turned three. All he wanted was cake.

We celebrate the first Sunday in Advent...this post was very inspiring. I wish my siblings would read it. Thank you, Leila.This is a grainy picture of Molly wearing Maggie's old nightie (complete with huge hole in the armpit). They were talking like Maggie had been gone for a month when really she was out for a couple hours. Apparently when Mom stands on the table with a power drill to hang a hook it is a big deal.

Do you ever make blueberry slump? It is our favorite during the winter months. Simmered blueberries and dumplings topped with fresh cream.

Yesterday we went to Oklahoma City to spend the day and then watched the Celtics squash the Thunder. It was nice to see the number one Celtics fan so happy.

And today a baby boy got a fresh start with a new haircut. I like haircut days...he looks cute even when he is whining. I know he has a huge head. He was the only kid I needed a C-section with.I hope you are enjoying your home wherever it may be and the warmth that comes from within.


Kinderkouture said...

I see that I am not the only one who enjoys the tiny moments of Christmas. Good to see you are having fun and enjoying the moment.

Leila said...

You didn't have to mention the hole in the nightie -- I certainly can't see it and the photo won't enlarge :)

Of course, that may just be my eyesight...going at age 29, how odd.

I am proud that you hung your Advent wreath :)

I think that once you get a glimmer about the importance of Advent, you just have to stick with it and do your best. Little by little, the others will catch on, especially when you consider that yes, maybe you can't educate your siblings, but you are educating your children, and that is an exponential force for good, given enough time...

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love seeing photos of your family. It brings back memories of when I had a big bustling family with kids everywhere...every minute of every day! lol Enjoy the holiday season! Hugs to everyone!

LB's Sewing Sanity said...

At least one of your siblings got the date right. I won't mention which one celebrated early - Freckled Hen. The important thing is, you are celebrating! Wish we could celebrate together. At breakfast this morning, I overheard Christian say, "God, you are the most important, I hope Mommy understands." LOl xo -sis

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