Monday, December 1, 2014

early December list

Here is a list of things I want to do:



look at Christmas lights

glitter anything that would look good with glitter

listen to records

Imagine that list on my resume? 

We had a long Thanksgiving weekend with a foot of snow and a power outage the day after Thanksgiving which was okay as we had a fridge full of leftovers and  an indoor stack of wood for the stove. 

The kids were all home, which is the best feeling ever. Too quickly they fly away!



We had a fun party for Henry, who loves coin collecting. 


Also we went to Mystic to visit Ken’s mother and discovered my brother had driven down to watch the parade of holiday boats float down the river to the park at the drawbridge.  When my brother called I ran straight out of her house to find him amongst the tourists.  I found him right away, I felt like a giddy kid running the streets with my brother! We regrouped in her nice, warm house then sat on a quiet piece of riverbank drinking hot chocolate and watching the boats.  It was so Christmassy and pretty. 

Earlier in the day while out shopping in the village we found Santa sitting on a stone wall… some of us were very excited.  He had an artic fox hat, I guess I was staring at it as he asked if I wanted to wear it.


This weekend definitely put me in the Christmas mood.

Do you ever wake up and feel so happy and grateful…even when things aren’t perfect? 

It’s okay they aren’t perfect!  It’s okay to be happy when things are askew. 

I hope you wake with a smile and it lasts the whole day through!