Monday, October 28, 2013

the sewing table


Gone are the days when I would have to clear my sewing projects off the kitchen table so we could eat dinner.  While certainly I don’t have a lavish sewing room in an estate- I do have a spot. A real spot to sew. I’m grateful for it as it looks out along the back hillside and inspires me to endlessly daydream.  Often I will leave mid-seam and go outside as I can only look out there so long before I want to feel the snap of the chilled fall wind and hear those last golden leaves rustling up high on their branches.  Isn’t that a great sound? 


If you look closely you can see Molly’s teepee she made from long sticks and covered with lopped off pine boughs.  She sits in there and practices her chorus songs.  We have one chicken that also likes it in there.  Molly singing and a chicken.  This is why I like being a mother. And also why I like to sew and look out the big window.


Many of my sewing items used to belong to someone else.  That is okay with me.  It feels personal to rummage through an old sewing case.  Usually everything is so meticulous. Little buttons sewn onto a tiny fabric scrap.  Pieces of ribbon wound about leftover mint tins.  If we could all be so organized, right?  It is shameful how I mistreat my rogue buttons and ribbon scraps.

The truth is I haven’t been sewing as much as I would like.  I sift through my patterns and make a stack  of what I would like to make. More often than not the stack sits there for too long.  By the time I return to it I’m like what was I thinking?  My tastes change or the seasons do and I start sifting through all over again.



This time I am determined to make something other than pajama pants.  I made each of the three younger kids four pairs and I am super tired of them (the pants not the kids haha).


I love wide wale corduroy.  Hopefully (fingers crossed) Sawyer will end up with some overalls and pants and I will make an apron out of that cute Thanksgiving fabric.  Maybe even before Thanksgiving?


I made this blanket last week.  It has become a good friend to me.  I bought four yards of this windowpane wool at an estate sale several years ago. On a whim I cut it in half and lined it with a soft non-pill fleece.  It is so warm and cozy.  It is definitely a lazy blanket to make but the reward is grand.  No quilting or binding, you can sit and daydream through those 72” seams and it will come out just fine.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

goldilock chairs


Outside of being a mother and wife and all that important stuff, I am a collector.

I don’t like the word junk or cheap.

I like old things.

That explains why there are enough children’s chairs in the barn to seat a large population of children.

Sometimes I redo them, but I like to leave them just so, too.

This blue chair reminds me of the three bears story. That’s mostly the reason I can’t resell it.


Surely a rocking swan is a necessity?  Good grief what kind of mother would I be if he was unable to contribute to his balance/ rocking skills without a swan?

Friday, October 4, 2013

happy days









A mish mash of pictures of what we have been up to.

Things are good here.  Never underestimate good!

It’s fall and now that I have finally loaded all the summer pics I can move on to the glory of all that is outside.   The colors are so pretty this year.  Henry and I have been saving the most colorful shiny leaves and pressing them in our biggest books.  He loves this, it is such a simple thing that I will carry with my favorite memories as he grows up. 

This past year I have really felt like the mother of BOYS… as I there are three living at home still.  We have always been a mostly girl house so it is wonderful and strange at the same time.  Our girls have all been home this week and it has been so fun! 

Have a happy weekend, there’s fun stuff around every corner—hope you find some!