Thursday, February 12, 2015

winter walk










A winter walk down our street made me appreciate another season in New England yet again.  I think of all the places we have lived and how much I missed it here.  Some days I wasn’t sure exactly what I was missing as we were living and functioning wherever we were.  Life was going on.  My walk last weekend told me just what it was.  It was the stillness of an antiquated New England street after a fresh snow. It was the 19th century houses heavy with icicles and frosted window panes.  It was the crunch of light, fluffy snow compacting under my boots. It was my neighbor’s plaid fur lined hat and friendly wave.  It was the way the wood smoke smells drifting out of the chimneys as it find its way upwards, past the tall snowy pines and leafless birch trees until it has spread out into the solid gray sky. 


Thursday, February 5, 2015

word nerd







The snow is blowing and swirling in gusts up against the house.  I am glad to be inside. 

It is warm and cozy, we have food and wood…and each other.  We will nest within and wait. 

The younger kids and I set out after a fresh snow and look for animal tracks.  We have found deer and moose , we follow their prints until we know with certainty it is time to turn back.  The walk home is always longer than the investigative walk.  But it is still fun.  It is a simple notion I set on this winter…to enjoy winter you must fill it with happy memories.  This is much easier than I realized! 

The goings on around here are both big and small.  My husband will retire this summer, we have had many adventures these last 23 years during his career.  Things are sure to be different, I say that with excitement as I am anxious to see this out-of-uniform person.  What will he be like!

Change is good, for the most part, right?  Yes! Of course it is!

We have been having work done on the house, this is definitely good.  This old 1820 house needed a few pick me ups.  What a relief to see proper fixtures, I get so tired of “making do”.  You have to finally make those decisions and what a nice treat it is when you see the results. I’ll share some pics soon, when the dust is settled and the paint is dry…

Enjoy your Wednesday!