Tuesday, March 24, 2015

sunshine on my shoulders

Springtime during my childhood seemed bright and sunny.  I’m sure there were gray March days and rain and slushy snow, but who wants to waste memory space remembering that? 

We are standing on the edge of spring right now.  We have signed up for baseball and track, our garden seeds are growing under their light upstairs in the spare room.  I feel as though it is like being perched on the end of the diving board afraid to take that first plunge of the season into the cold pool water below. 


The longer hours of daylight have been coaxing my indoor plants with such sweet rewards.





Lately as I plant seeds or stitch or write lists or make dinner I listen to my little guy and his imagination.

He has a very imaginative imagination.  Most everything has to do with a farmer and a train.  He makes my heart beat with such happy beats.  He makes every day his adventure and I am so grateful I am a part of it!