Saturday, June 15, 2013

an education


While my children completed yet another year of their schooling and are absorbing the early days of their summer break, I have set out on some learning of my own.


I fell apart for a bit.  Like in a bad way.


One sunny spring day I sat trembling in a doctors office as she tried her best way to tell me I have multiple sclerosis. 

A disease I knew nothing about.

But I’m learning.


It affects everyone differently.  For me it started with my vision and some hand arm coordination issues.

It brought me way down.

But here I am. Now. Today.

I am happy.  I am grateful.

I have faith. And hope.

I have so many people to love.


Things are getting better every day. 

I’m not afraid anymore.

I hesitated to blog about this.  But it is me, a big part of me.  The hardest thing I have been through ever.


People go through stuff, and I am going through this.

I can still take care of my family, I can dance and eat lobster.

I can sew and laugh and swing at the park.

It took a while for me to realize all this.

I am so grateful.

For God.

For Life.

For Love.

For You!