Saturday, February 23, 2013

another front entry pictorial essay



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

thoughts to think

Have you seen The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?

I think I would recommend it to you. I love films that make you think.  This one makes you think about aging and travel and about outwardly being who you are on the inside.

I struggle with that last one. 

I wrote somewhere on this blog that I often feel like an outgoing person trapped in a shy person’s body.  It seems like all my adult years I have spent trying to change that.  It’s hard!

Anyhow that movie set my wheels spinning about a whole bunch of stuff.

Not all bad exactly but just when I was about to think how gloomy a day it was out I realized what I was looking at out the window was a fat robin.


Such a welcome sight on a gray winter day.


Just a few more weeks. 

Tonight I am making Guinness Beef Pie from What Katie Ate.  I never buy beer and felt like a teenager trying to act cool and nonchalant putting Guinness in my cart. As if I need a reason to buy beer?

Why am I such a dork?!


Sunday, February 17, 2013

around the house and a black eye (gasp!)










So I’ve been waking early each day with the baby.  He is ready to get up at 5:35 everyday. And I mean ready as I stretch out each possible minute before I go in and get him.  If you asked me at 5:36 if this was a stressful way to start each day I would surely announce YES. (I might also follow that with a sarcastic retort—I am very good at those.)

Once I’ve had a good cup of tea and an egg and I’m dressed and my make up is on and the fires are stoked and the chickens are fed and the children have been dropped at school and the kitchen is clean after the breakfast rush then I might tell you it is a relief to wake early and get the day going.

This past week was marked by the splendor of Valentine’s Day.  My kids were very excited about the hoopla.  Henry had a party at school where the kids made snack bags with cereal and tasty bits.  He ended up with a nasty bug. (Norovirus?) He was so shocked by his illness.  In his world his life is full of exciting things around every corner.  He didn’t like vomiting.  He did good making it into a plastic bowl for the first one but then accidentally wacked the bowl over on the ottoman.  It managed to go in every tuft and crevice.  Is that TMI?  It was pretty gross.

That same night Sam took an elbow to the eye during a basketball game.  That’s all—no fighting or wrestling a bucking bronco.  But he looks like a cool dude.

It is windy and snowy today. How is it where you are?


Saturday, February 9, 2013

And Today I Shall Blog

Today we watched an old version of Northwest Passage.  We watched it with much enthusiasm as this is the film my husband and I most talked about when he was deployed.  We couldn’t imagine that there would come a day when the temperature would be cold and blustery and we would snuggle with our children and watch Northwest Passage.  This was a book we both read and speak of often.


And now gah we have watched it!  It was a dreamy version..too stately and pretty.  And short.

They never did even venture to find the northwest passage but oh well.  It was cold and snowy out and our kids sat amongst us and watched.  The snow has fallen and we have a lot of it.  Like 36” and drifts almost as tall as me.


This is our car. Guess we aren’t in TX anymore!