Sunday, February 17, 2013

around the house and a black eye (gasp!)










So I’ve been waking early each day with the baby.  He is ready to get up at 5:35 everyday. And I mean ready as I stretch out each possible minute before I go in and get him.  If you asked me at 5:36 if this was a stressful way to start each day I would surely announce YES. (I might also follow that with a sarcastic retort—I am very good at those.)

Once I’ve had a good cup of tea and an egg and I’m dressed and my make up is on and the fires are stoked and the chickens are fed and the children have been dropped at school and the kitchen is clean after the breakfast rush then I might tell you it is a relief to wake early and get the day going.

This past week was marked by the splendor of Valentine’s Day.  My kids were very excited about the hoopla.  Henry had a party at school where the kids made snack bags with cereal and tasty bits.  He ended up with a nasty bug. (Norovirus?) He was so shocked by his illness.  In his world his life is full of exciting things around every corner.  He didn’t like vomiting.  He did good making it into a plastic bowl for the first one but then accidentally wacked the bowl over on the ottoman.  It managed to go in every tuft and crevice.  Is that TMI?  It was pretty gross.

That same night Sam took an elbow to the eye during a basketball game.  That’s all—no fighting or wrestling a bucking bronco.  But he looks like a cool dude.

It is windy and snowy today. How is it where you are?



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Look at how big the baby is now! I know he is a joy to everyone in the family! And that black eye is a will last for awhile! heehee! I know you have your hands full with all of the fun of a big family! It was cool here this weekend...only in the 60s! lol Sweet hugs!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Here in Maine, the wind has been howling most of the day...I did hang sheets out on the line this morning and surprisingly they dried quite nicely and smell heavenly... Little Sawyer is getting so big, is he nine months? If I remember correctly Sawyer and Travis Lloyd (my grandson) are close in age. I spent the majority of my day baby proofing, Travis is just now beginning to crawl. I care for him three days per week and am loving every minute of it!!! That is quite the shiner on that handsome face! Lets hope spring finds us early this year! Greetings, Julie.

Andi said...

I was woken at 3am with the sound of my youngest vomiting. She is 11 and tried to make it to the bathroom, but when she realized she wouldn't she tried to put her hand up...and it flew EVERYWHERE in the bathroom...the walls, the counters, the door, BEHIND the toilet. It literally flew over ten feet. It was nasty...

Now THAT is TMI.

The worst part? She is in 5th grade and missed her very last school Valentine's day party. Sadness.

I've been wondering about your family. Good to see you're all well!

Anonymous said...

Lol to Sam's black eye. I miss my brothers & my mother!

XX, Mags

Dawn Castor said...

I envy your figure in that valentine portrait. Is that from getting up so early ? I mistakenly read walking for waking at first and was quite surprised you would take a baby for a walk in the midst of winter but then you are a hearty New Englander so I thought it might be possible. For just a minute!

Juniper said...

Your post made me smile, so familiar! I too am up at 5 and the littlest one is up too, tea and a piece of toast and the day is off to a whopping start- till the older three are at school- it is amazing how much can get done by 9 in the morning!
Cool looking black eye there- glad it was from an elbow during a game and not a fight. sooooo cute your littlest guy - already so big! The sun is out today but it its about 50 degrees and I miss indoor heating, these old stone houses really hold the cold!