Wednesday, July 22, 2015

the chicks of summer

 This is the longest we have lived in the same house.  Two weeks after we were married all the traveling started.  Assignments for 1 year...2 years...3 years.  And now 23 years later here we are.  In a house that has held a child from birth through potty training.  Amazing! That is an accomplishment!
If we move eventually that is okay.  I think.  Looking back I can't believe we moved SO MUCH.  It seems so exhausting.  So ya.. I think I will take that back-- the last thing I want to do is move again.

Today is the perfect peak of summer.  We just got through several hot, humid days and now upon waking this morning the humidity has gone out to sea and we are left with the freshest, dry air.  It feels so cleansing after being sweaty so much.  The breeze is blowing and the sky has big, puffy white clouds.  It is my mother's birthday today.  I think back to all the birthdays she had while I was growing up.  It is so perfect that her birthday is in the middle of summer.  She is summer.  She always loved the humidity and the long days of sunlight. She is a night owl, my mother.  She never breaks the rules but when I was growing up she bent a few, that is certain.  Oh crazy little lady, happy happy birthday to you!
And happy happy summer day to the rest of you!

Monday, June 29, 2015


We went somewhere.  
Usually when we travel with our family I need a vacation from our vacation.  No matter if everything goes smoothly just the fact that there are so many people in our family makes it very easy to get worn out. I think this is the first time in years I came home feeling so relaxed.  Like cool as a cucumber.
I felt like I could conquer the world.  Is that normal when you feel relaxed? I dunno but I liked it.
We stayed in a lighthouse cottage perched on the edge of a craggy piece of shoreline jutting out into the Atlantic.  Oh, I loved it!  On sunny days it was serene and breathtaking with gulls and clams and beauty all around.  On rainy days it was so gray and dramatic.  I felt like an old sea wife staring out into the angry sea. It was just perfect.

It was nice to be somewhere that didn't have a to-do list.  No planting, mowing, painting.  Ahhh that is the life.  When it comes to vacation I am definitely not a cruise ship or resort kind of girl.  Give me a stack of books and an uninhabited piece of coast and I will be your best friend.  Though occasionally we do the resort stuff for the kids (insert headache here) and manage to have fun.

For the most part the younger kids were able to entertain themselves.  They did lots of investigative work amongst the rocks.  And of course there was the collection of rocks.  Buckets of rocks that painstakingly had to be sorted for the best and the rest put back.  We have a rock painting station set up in the porch.  Please note there are many good rock painting ideas on pinterest.  My favorite was the self portrait rocks. People are so clever.

 Ken and I both might have broken some personal reading records.  Lots of reading.  I am trying to continue the momentum but that darn to-do list keeps getting in the way.

June is winding down.  The newness of summer is wearing away.  We are approaching the real grunt work of summer.  The weeding- it will never stop.  But at least we have cold watermelon and the swimming hole.
I'm missing my blog friends...please say hello!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

sunshine on my shoulders

Springtime during my childhood seemed bright and sunny.  I’m sure there were gray March days and rain and slushy snow, but who wants to waste memory space remembering that? 

We are standing on the edge of spring right now.  We have signed up for baseball and track, our garden seeds are growing under their light upstairs in the spare room.  I feel as though it is like being perched on the end of the diving board afraid to take that first plunge of the season into the cold pool water below. 


The longer hours of daylight have been coaxing my indoor plants with such sweet rewards.





Lately as I plant seeds or stitch or write lists or make dinner I listen to my little guy and his imagination.

He has a very imaginative imagination.  Most everything has to do with a farmer and a train.  He makes my heart beat with such happy beats.  He makes every day his adventure and I am so grateful I am a part of it!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

winter walk










A winter walk down our street made me appreciate another season in New England yet again.  I think of all the places we have lived and how much I missed it here.  Some days I wasn’t sure exactly what I was missing as we were living and functioning wherever we were.  Life was going on.  My walk last weekend told me just what it was.  It was the stillness of an antiquated New England street after a fresh snow. It was the 19th century houses heavy with icicles and frosted window panes.  It was the crunch of light, fluffy snow compacting under my boots. It was my neighbor’s plaid fur lined hat and friendly wave.  It was the way the wood smoke smells drifting out of the chimneys as it find its way upwards, past the tall snowy pines and leafless birch trees until it has spread out into the solid gray sky. 


Thursday, February 5, 2015

word nerd







The snow is blowing and swirling in gusts up against the house.  I am glad to be inside. 

It is warm and cozy, we have food and wood…and each other.  We will nest within and wait. 

The younger kids and I set out after a fresh snow and look for animal tracks.  We have found deer and moose , we follow their prints until we know with certainty it is time to turn back.  The walk home is always longer than the investigative walk.  But it is still fun.  It is a simple notion I set on this winter…to enjoy winter you must fill it with happy memories.  This is much easier than I realized! 

The goings on around here are both big and small.  My husband will retire this summer, we have had many adventures these last 23 years during his career.  Things are sure to be different, I say that with excitement as I am anxious to see this out-of-uniform person.  What will he be like!

Change is good, for the most part, right?  Yes! Of course it is!

We have been having work done on the house, this is definitely good.  This old 1820 house needed a few pick me ups.  What a relief to see proper fixtures, I get so tired of “making do”.  You have to finally make those decisions and what a nice treat it is when you see the results. I’ll share some pics soon, when the dust is settled and the paint is dry…

Enjoy your Wednesday!


Monday, December 1, 2014

early December list

Here is a list of things I want to do:



look at Christmas lights

glitter anything that would look good with glitter

listen to records

Imagine that list on my resume? 

We had a long Thanksgiving weekend with a foot of snow and a power outage the day after Thanksgiving which was okay as we had a fridge full of leftovers and  an indoor stack of wood for the stove. 

The kids were all home, which is the best feeling ever. Too quickly they fly away!



We had a fun party for Henry, who loves coin collecting. 


Also we went to Mystic to visit Ken’s mother and discovered my brother had driven down to watch the parade of holiday boats float down the river to the park at the drawbridge.  When my brother called I ran straight out of her house to find him amongst the tourists.  I found him right away, I felt like a giddy kid running the streets with my brother! We regrouped in her nice, warm house then sat on a quiet piece of riverbank drinking hot chocolate and watching the boats.  It was so Christmassy and pretty. 

Earlier in the day while out shopping in the village we found Santa sitting on a stone wall… some of us were very excited.  He had an artic fox hat, I guess I was staring at it as he asked if I wanted to wear it.


This weekend definitely put me in the Christmas mood.

Do you ever wake up and feel so happy and grateful…even when things aren’t perfect? 

It’s okay they aren’t perfect!  It’s okay to be happy when things are askew. 

I hope you wake with a smile and it lasts the whole day through!

Monday, November 3, 2014

hither dither


Yay…Halloween is over. I guess I am turning into one of those people.

Maybe it’s from having many children and the annual costume hyper extravaganza has worn itself out?

Anyway I know I do like Halloween somewhere in me brain but this year I will say hooray to November.

We are deep into Birthday celebrations, too.  I like those.  No scrooging about those.

For Sam’s over the weekend we hired a birthday clown.


The best clown in the world is a two year old with crooked face paint.  He will make you smile and laugh—that is certain.


I call this picture “Sawyer and The Clown”. 

Haha, husband jokes…my favorite!