Sunday, June 5, 2016

green and gray and blue

     I love the ocean during the day but I especially love it during the early morning hours when the sun is barely rising and the air is gray and sleepy.  I selfishly feel like it belongs to me during that short window of time--the quiet right before the lobster boats chug out of the harbor and the sea gulls screech to them. Soon after that the world awakens and the quiet disappears with the morning mist. 
*Happy day wishes to you and yours*

Monday, May 23, 2016

every single time

One would think after four+ decades of life the transition of winter to spring would seem a little ordinary and matter of fact.  But no...oh gosh it's amazing!  Every single year things grow and birds sing and it is all so beautiful.  I would never feel this way if it wasn't for The Long Winter (both the actual physical thing and the book...)  The winter is full of its own chore lists and I get so wound into it-- I kind of try not to think about the beach and mowing and gentle, warm breezes. If my mind is clear and focused and I am feeling grateful watching the spring emerge can make me cry.  I live in a place where there are so many trees and hilly, mountainous roads.  Plants pop up everywhere, everything it seems has a flower- even if it's just for a moment. There is green everywhere. Light green, dark green, pine green, yellow-green, emerald, olive, and 100 more.  People announce their appreciation by putting potted pansies out, often just a small pot on the doorstep,  perhaps doing their part in aiding mother nature. Or maybe it is just scratching that itch of planting and waiting for picnics and just being outdoors.  Either way potted pansies are just the thing.

After driving by Orchard House all winter and seeing it so stark against the hillside I often have the urge to wave like its an old friend.  Now it is beaming with lilacs and lily of the valley and so many pansies smiling up.  I had to stop and breathe it in.  Sawyer knows I love this section of road, he knows I love Orchard House.  But I don't think he quite understands why.  And do I?  Neither of us question it.  So sometimes we stop and I take 40 pictures and we get back in the car and go on our way.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

fancy free

 We have had mighty winds lately, they whistle through the corners of the house and impress us as they whip against us as we venture outside. They add drama to even a simple trip down the driveway to get the mail.  Though it is still snowing occasionally I feel as though winter is through.  Looks like we made it. {again}
 The days here have been well spent.  My husband has retired and started a new job.  We also started an auction company.  We recently had our third auction, each one has been a learning experience and it is most definitely exhausting but it is great fun all rolled into one. My husband has had auctioneer dreams since childhood, he went to auctioneering school 10 years ago.  We merged that with our love of antiques and history and now we have a business. {boom!}
 This morning is sunny and the blank slate is filling up.  It is a satisfying way to start the day to type a few words as the crows are crowing outside and the teapot whistles.  {happy}

Monday, March 28, 2016

Greetings to Spring

The grass has the faintest hint of green peeking through.  That fresh new green that seems vulnerable but gutsy enough to seek the sunlight.  The spring here in New Hampshire isn't as springy as other places we have lived.  In fact the last few years we have still had a substantial amount of snow on the ground in late March.  To have a real, outdoor Easter egg hunt yesterday seemed like the best treat.  The older kids were happy to fill the eggs with treats and hide them outside.  The younger kids were thrilled to find them...and I was a happy mother watching it all.  I ran behind Sawyer with a few hidden eggs in my pocket to set near him when he wasn't looking. He is still three and being the youngest of the bunch I am finding it hard to let him grow up and be as rough and tough as he wants to be.  He is usually 50% mud puddle and 50% dirt pile.
There is abounding  good in my life, I love the cusp of spring.  All the winter plans are about to be set into action.  Hope you have a "spring" in your step, too.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Sugar Maple

Nearly 200 years ago someone planted two sugar maple trees when our house was built. I can easily imagine the holes being dug and the saplings carefully placed.  They knew how much and when to water, those saplings really took off and grew steadily for so many years.  One tree was lost before we moved here, the stump is still visible.

The remaining tree was magnificent.  It was so real to me, I fell in love with it!  Like a person!  It was so historical...witnessing all the marvels of time.  I know I am not alone in this as my son Henry admits he has many tree friends.  Henry is a good friend to trees and people.

So as you can see above the tree had to come down.  Every bit of wind would take down a branch.  It was getting dangerous, even though it had cables running within it to kind of keep it together.

I watched as they took it down.  I felt some relief as I didn't realize how much I thought about it falling on the house.  Time sure changes things.  I wonder if someone said to the person who planted it if they thought it was too close to the house.  "Oh well, we won't have to worry about that...not for like 200 years"  Then they went in and had a good laugh about what it would be like in the 2000's.
It's okay they least we are smart about some things, like running water and electricity. We are lucky people to have showers built right into our houses with hot water even!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

silent night

It isn't exactly quiet here with all the kids home.  It is rather noisy and high energy, but now that the nine o'clock hour has hit and the little ones have been tucked into their beds with the visions of sugar plums (and legos) there is some warmth and magic brewing at the wonder of this night.  It is such a beautiful thing to feel and be a part of.

I wish so much for everyone to have a happy, warm heart tonight.  I lit a candle and gazed at the bright sky saying a thousand wishes and prayers.  I feel grateful to have so many people and memories to love.  Happiness to each of you wherever your little corner may be.

Saturday, October 17, 2015


   Another field trip to appreciate where we live.  Every little town has an apple picking sign at the corner.  This year has been a banner year for apples, the trees are so heavy with fruit.  We picked our bushel very quickly, we are more programed for berry picking which takes a good part of the day. I almost couldn't stop picking...I kept telling myself just one more (like a dozen times).
  We rode the tractor around which might have been the highlight for some people.  But for me?  Those trees! Those beautiful, colorful, trees!  The views were breathtaking.
  This was in Walpole, New Hampshire, a sweet, small, picturesque town.  We had lunch in a little tavern while the leaves blew around outside the big window.  Now I have no more excuses not to make applesauce, the last on my canning list. Hopefully I can wrangle up some helpers as chopping up a bushel of apples is not nearly as fun as picking them.