Monday, March 28, 2016

Greetings to Spring

The grass has the faintest hint of green peeking through.  That fresh new green that seems vulnerable but gutsy enough to seek the sunlight.  The spring here in New Hampshire isn't as springy as other places we have lived.  In fact the last few years we have still had a substantial amount of snow on the ground in late March.  To have a real, outdoor Easter egg hunt yesterday seemed like the best treat.  The older kids were happy to fill the eggs with treats and hide them outside.  The younger kids were thrilled to find them...and I was a happy mother watching it all.  I ran behind Sawyer with a few hidden eggs in my pocket to set near him when he wasn't looking. He is still three and being the youngest of the bunch I am finding it hard to let him grow up and be as rough and tough as he wants to be.  He is usually 50% mud puddle and 50% dirt pile.
There is abounding  good in my life, I love the cusp of spring.  All the winter plans are about to be set into action.  Hope you have a "spring" in your step, too.