Thursday, January 28, 2010

just me being overtired

I have been going to bed tired each night. Real tired and exhausted...almost like I let each day get away from me. Or maybe it is how I let myself get away from each day.
Today was a patchwork day of Stressful Things That Happened But Turned Out Okay. A day that will make me laugh in a few years. But for now, as the little kids are in bed, I will have a glass of wine with my husband and listen to the wind howl outside.
bonne nuit mes chers amis...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

mini mincemeat pies

Perhaps I write too much about tea. But having an afternoon cup of tea just might be my favorite time of day. I can hold off having sweets all day if I know I can sit and have a treat with my tea in the afternoon. It is the part of the day when my kids know I will be sitting still and listening to the bits and pieces of their day.

These little mincemeat pies are the perfect treat, for three reasons.

1. They are easy to make with a store bought crust and a jar of mincemeat.

2. My kids don't really like mincemeat, which leads us to number three....

3. I can eat them all.

Monday, January 25, 2010

vintage coloring books

Collecting old coloring books...just because.

Farm ones are my favorite.

But Holly Hobbie is a close second.

These remind me of my childhood.

We keep a stack of copied pages for long trips (I can't let them actually color in the books!)

This one was my mother's when she was a child.

Go to the Betsy McCall website for adorable printable paper dolls for several different years.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

a snack picnic

Today the blue sky invited us on a picnic. It was that time in the afternoon when a cup of tea tastes best, after the afternoon nap but enough before dinner that having a cookie seems okay.

It was a special little picnic and we were all honored to be invited. Of course I don't want you to feel left out and not to say you are lazy and can't cut your own apples and cheese but perhaps you would like to sit with us under the sunny sky. Just be nice and don't say anything mean (I had to add that in in case any of my brothers are reading this). And for goodness sakes if you are wearing a skirt please sit like a lady (again-- added for my brothers).

Here are the guests:

Fancy Pants and Kennifer...who has a drinking problem and slept through the afternoon. (Not alcohol, just those disappearing milk bottles)

The Wee Boy and his cat.

This is Rosebud. She brought all her friends. But they all look the same so ironically they are all named Rosebud.

Peter, he is old and acts like a dog.

Red...he is my friend. He ate some apple pieces and some hay. Then he walked away and passed gas. That's how he acts. We still love him.

Thank you blue sky for inviting us. You are welcome at my home anytime. Come back tomorrow and bring your friend the sun...he is HOT!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

sewing and other thoughts

"I'm in love and I don't care who knows it." This is what I said as I got in the car on Saturday while out and about in Ft Worth. To which my husband replied "I love you too, babe..." as he maneuvered the car onto a busy road.
Then I felt bad as I was referring to the plump brown paper bag I was hugging on my lap. It held various fabrics I had just spent 1.5 hours choosing at a quilt shop. And by the way isn't fabric much lovelier in a brown paper bag? The kind that makes crunchy noises as you rummage through it.
It's not everyday I am in a fabric store sans kids and really can't help my immature self to become giddy and talkative and make everyone in the car look at each cut. It's nearly a three hour drive home--that's a long time to listen to some one's wife/mother talk about sewing and fabric and vintage patterns and thrifting and painting furniture and how my foot is hurting again. Good thing I unknowingly locked the house keys in the house when we left so the husband/dad could do something manly and break into his own house.

I rearranged my sewing corner to look out a window instead of a wall. It makes me happy.

This is the Nicey Jane collection from her. This is what inspired me to feel in love and talk all the way home. Though in my head I call it Pricey Jane.

I really liked your comments on my last post. Isn't it in the Untrained Mother's Rule Book that if the crib is packed up and the maternity clothes given away, then pregnancy is immediate? The truth is I would love to have more children. But sometimes it's easier said than done! I feel very blessed to have the five I have and truly can't believe I have that many.

In other Freckled Hen news, I have done seven loads of laundry today and really don't feel like making dinner. What does the Untrained Mother's Rule Book say about that????

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday corner: the crib

The crib will soon be dismantled and put away.
This corner will soon look like it belongs to a little boy, not a baby boy.
He will have a pillow and his own little lamp, he will like these things.
I love having a baby in the house. It always makes me sad to pack up the crib.
Flickr group : Corners of my Home

Thursday, January 14, 2010

sunny thoughts on a gloomy day

I suppose it is on days like today I find comfort hiding in my home. The same home I roam around and think thoughts about how dusty everything is or how I should vacuum. It is on these gloomy days when I most miss my family back home. When I miss the sound of a familiar car rumbling into the driveway.

You can't go to the store and buy comfort. Today I found some right around here.

My Gram's dolls--and my husband looking on as a boy.

Enough remnants for a bright scrappy quilt--that I might not make. Ever. But I might. Someday. Do you think like this, too?

A wallpaper book called "Garden Pleasures". It smells like mothballs. I love old flowery wallpaper, especially when it smells like mothballs. But usually because we move so often I settle on painted taupe walls and white trim. Someday I will wallpaper, this I am certain about. This is my favorite from this book:

And last but not least I find comfort in my family... my lovely husband and five kooky kids.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Ardmore Oklahoma

Several years ago in Mary Engelbriet's Home Companion I read about the store Cloverleaf in Ardmore, Oklahoma. It looked ecletic and glittery and cowboyish. Little did I know that soon enough we would be living in Northern Texas and there would be no excuses for a mini road trip.

Hadley and I went Thelma and Louise style...we drove fast and blasted the music. Wait no, that's not all true. It's true Hadley and I went, the other stuff is false. Mostly because we brought him:

Yes, he likes cowboy stuff. No, he doesn't like pink glittery cowboy stuff. Or antique stores (that have vintage tricycles with signs that say NO TOUCHING). Or riding in the car. Or used book stores that smell like old ladies perfume.

While we were looking for Cloverleaf (we drove by it twice, duh) we were sidetracked by an antiques store. If you live in an isolated community and go to the same antique/thrift store every month and nothing changes--not even the clerks same plaid shirt-- you will know how exciting it is to look at some new junk.

It's really exciting.

Anyhow we followed the pink bicycle path to Cloverleaf. We weren't disappointed, it was really neat. Lots of out of the ordinary stuff.

And pretty jewels and dresses.

It was a nice day, even nicer because Hadley was with me!

Are you asking me what we bought?

1. A Texas drinking glass for the boss

2. vintagey looking posters for Margaret Rose Pickleberry

3. aqua beaded bracelets for the wee girl

4. four packs of 1990 baseballs cards for 12 yr old McStinky

5. books, duh.

Then we drove home eating Braum's burgers and talked about college and boys and what kind of business we would like to own.

While we were driving the principal called and said McStinky didn't go to his basketball game because he wasn't feeling well and could I come get him? But um... I know his uniform has been sitting in the dryer all weekend as I asked him to fold his own clothes on Saturday (insert applause here). So if I could guess why someone doesn't feel well it would be because someone is afraid their coach will be upset at someone's forgetfulness.

Then we really did rush back like Thelma and Louise. Mom is a little upset with McStinky.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Flour Sack Project

Every year I try and convince myself not to make resolutions. I tell myself to be better about stuff all year and not walk into January with my head held high as I trot on the elliptical and pass up a decadent, fluffy, frosted cupcake (oh the insanity). Seeing as I like lists and am gifted at disappointing myself....I make resolutions. Lots of them.

One I made this year is to use less sandwich bags. I try not to rely on them but it seems I often end up with them in my cart. I have voiced this to my family many times over. We have tried reusable containers, but they are plastic, too. Recently I was inspired by an entrepreneur featured in Victoria magazine who started her company because she didn't like the waste of sandwich bags and the like. She made reusable bags out of vintage linens. Little bags for sandwiches and cookies, they were very sweet. I couldn't find the article on the website and I have already passed my issue along. I think it was in the Jan issue.
I made these kitchen counter cloths for when I need to make sandwiches or toast. I cringe when I think of how many paper towels I have used in my lifetime.
I bought an over sized flour sack towel at our farm and feed store--or you can buy a pack at a hobby store (or here)--and cut it into smaller portions. I sat and stitched them all day yesterday and now my neck is hurting really bad. The price to pay for sitting still on a cold day!
I hope you are having a great weekend....see you Monday.

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Golden Corner

I spent a few minutes today admiring the Flickr Group: Corners of my Home. This was a recommendation from SouleMama, and indeed it was a good one. It is bitter cold here and after I scrolled through many photos, I was warm. In my heart. Not my hands, they are still cold.

It is too cold to do laundry but not too cold to sit on the computer. Especially if you are a certain person from LMLD and have new groovy gloves.

This is the corner near the computer where the Golden books are. What started as a thrifty way to collect books during my young mothering days turned magically into a collection. When it's naptime the wee boy usually picks from this shelf. Today was "Hiram's Red Shirt".

My favorite Golden Book would have to be among the very first few I bought. It's called "Baby Dear". Have you heard of it?

These are Golden Guides, I like them as they are small and colorful. I like to pick a couple for road trips as we are trivia junkies and will take turns asking questions. I received one as gift when I was seven from my aunt and uncle. They are nice aren't they? I'm talking about my aunt and uncle--not the Golden Guides, though they are nice, too. UJ do you remember it? It was this one:

I hope when I was seven I said thank you, as you can see I think it has been a terrific gift. Maybe every thirty years there should be a thank you renewal?

Thank You AJ and UJ. I love you!

With love from,

your favorite niece

Sharing corners is should try it. If you do let me know so I can visit!