Thursday, January 21, 2010

a snack picnic

Today the blue sky invited us on a picnic. It was that time in the afternoon when a cup of tea tastes best, after the afternoon nap but enough before dinner that having a cookie seems okay.

It was a special little picnic and we were all honored to be invited. Of course I don't want you to feel left out and not to say you are lazy and can't cut your own apples and cheese but perhaps you would like to sit with us under the sunny sky. Just be nice and don't say anything mean (I had to add that in in case any of my brothers are reading this). And for goodness sakes if you are wearing a skirt please sit like a lady (again-- added for my brothers).

Here are the guests:

Fancy Pants and Kennifer...who has a drinking problem and slept through the afternoon. (Not alcohol, just those disappearing milk bottles)

The Wee Boy and his cat.

This is Rosebud. She brought all her friends. But they all look the same so ironically they are all named Rosebud.

Peter, he is old and acts like a dog.

Red...he is my friend. He ate some apple pieces and some hay. Then he walked away and passed gas. That's how he acts. We still love him.

Thank you blue sky for inviting us. You are welcome at my home anytime. Come back tomorrow and bring your friend the sun...he is HOT!


Dawn said...

sounds fun--we are partial to tea parties at our house and we are mostly grown up!

Andi said...

I love tea parties! I was at work while the sky was blue here. Darn.

barbara said...

What a happy post! It made me yearn for picnic weather and kids at sweet ages.

Juniper said...

Great post, love the mix of attendees.Specially the multiple rosebuds and the lady who drinks to much. Sunshine is back here and with it some blue sky oh bless. May be having a tea party here too.

Celestial Charms said...

Wee Boy's cat is so cute. And all the real animals are too. Sweet names...Red, Peter, and the Rosebuds. Sounds like great characters for a childrens book!