Thursday, January 14, 2010

sunny thoughts on a gloomy day

I suppose it is on days like today I find comfort hiding in my home. The same home I roam around and think thoughts about how dusty everything is or how I should vacuum. It is on these gloomy days when I most miss my family back home. When I miss the sound of a familiar car rumbling into the driveway.

You can't go to the store and buy comfort. Today I found some right around here.

My Gram's dolls--and my husband looking on as a boy.

Enough remnants for a bright scrappy quilt--that I might not make. Ever. But I might. Someday. Do you think like this, too?

A wallpaper book called "Garden Pleasures". It smells like mothballs. I love old flowery wallpaper, especially when it smells like mothballs. But usually because we move so often I settle on painted taupe walls and white trim. Someday I will wallpaper, this I am certain about. This is my favorite from this book:

And last but not least I find comfort in my family... my lovely husband and five kooky kids.



Andi said...

Aaaw, I can totally relate. It is hard to miss family. We have moved closer to family, and are facing moving away again. Very sad. But, it will all be great if it's where God wants us to be.

Dawn said...

I love that doll and that fabric and that wallpaper and your sheepish family! And when it's cloudy out, you can't see the dust!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love comforting things around the house. And even though my kids are grown and live far away..I have so many reminders of them around me all the time.

barbara said...

Even if you never make a quilt (and I think chances are slim that I will) that is a lovely stack of fabric. I didn't pack away my manger sheep separate this year but left them where I could find them - now that I see your photo, I think I need to go get them out.

Robin said...

You're so funny. I cracked up at the ending with the sheep and your "baa." Love, love, love the flowery wallpaper, too. I'm sorry you miss your peeps. Sounds, though, like you have a good approach to it all. And of course, there's all of us out here in blogland cheering you on. :o), Robin

Dawn Gahan said...

Where are the sheep from? Love them. Do you at least have a manufacturer name? My sister would adore them!