Monday, January 11, 2010

Ardmore Oklahoma

Several years ago in Mary Engelbriet's Home Companion I read about the store Cloverleaf in Ardmore, Oklahoma. It looked ecletic and glittery and cowboyish. Little did I know that soon enough we would be living in Northern Texas and there would be no excuses for a mini road trip.

Hadley and I went Thelma and Louise style...we drove fast and blasted the music. Wait no, that's not all true. It's true Hadley and I went, the other stuff is false. Mostly because we brought him:

Yes, he likes cowboy stuff. No, he doesn't like pink glittery cowboy stuff. Or antique stores (that have vintage tricycles with signs that say NO TOUCHING). Or riding in the car. Or used book stores that smell like old ladies perfume.

While we were looking for Cloverleaf (we drove by it twice, duh) we were sidetracked by an antiques store. If you live in an isolated community and go to the same antique/thrift store every month and nothing changes--not even the clerks same plaid shirt-- you will know how exciting it is to look at some new junk.

It's really exciting.

Anyhow we followed the pink bicycle path to Cloverleaf. We weren't disappointed, it was really neat. Lots of out of the ordinary stuff.

And pretty jewels and dresses.

It was a nice day, even nicer because Hadley was with me!

Are you asking me what we bought?

1. A Texas drinking glass for the boss

2. vintagey looking posters for Margaret Rose Pickleberry

3. aqua beaded bracelets for the wee girl

4. four packs of 1990 baseballs cards for 12 yr old McStinky

5. books, duh.

Then we drove home eating Braum's burgers and talked about college and boys and what kind of business we would like to own.

While we were driving the principal called and said McStinky didn't go to his basketball game because he wasn't feeling well and could I come get him? But um... I know his uniform has been sitting in the dryer all weekend as I asked him to fold his own clothes on Saturday (insert applause here). So if I could guess why someone doesn't feel well it would be because someone is afraid their coach will be upset at someone's forgetfulness.

Then we really did rush back like Thelma and Louise. Mom is a little upset with McStinky.


Dawn said...

I had to visit your blog from LMLD when I saw your profile pic on the comment form--Little People--the good size. Then I read about Ardmore, antique and BOOKS! and THEN I saw your Little Golden book collection! Are you my new best friend? Just kidding--I'm not a stalker (unless you're my kid!) but really--love your blog!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a neat place! I wish I could find some really cute stores here in Florida to explore! And you know what I'm going to ask next....what books did you buy! FESS UP! Take pics! ♥

Leila said...

Never let me go near that antiques store. Oh my.

I think the pink bicycles are kind of dumb, though, don't you?

Maybe you like them...