Wednesday, April 6, 2016

fancy free

 We have had mighty winds lately, they whistle through the corners of the house and impress us as they whip against us as we venture outside. They add drama to even a simple trip down the driveway to get the mail.  Though it is still snowing occasionally I feel as though winter is through.  Looks like we made it. {again}
 The days here have been well spent.  My husband has retired and started a new job.  We also started an auction company.  We recently had our third auction, each one has been a learning experience and it is most definitely exhausting but it is great fun all rolled into one. My husband has had auctioneer dreams since childhood, he went to auctioneering school 10 years ago.  We merged that with our love of antiques and history and now we have a business. {boom!}
 This morning is sunny and the blank slate is filling up.  It is a satisfying way to start the day to type a few words as the crows are crowing outside and the teapot whistles.  {happy}