Monday, October 20, 2008

beautiful blue sky

These peeping hens required us to spend our weekend building a new chicken yard. We had previously built one down behind our barn but sadly we lost three hens. My neighbor informed us that at least one of them was taken by a snake. The next day we saw a 6-7 foot snake down the road. Like...hello?! A SIX -SEVEN foot snake! This made me even more afraid of snakes. Most people around here like the snakes as they keep the rat population down...again I ask, like, RATS? After a week of letting the chickens run around freely they have done a number (actually hundreds of "numbers") all over the porch and steps and deck and front walk... you get the idea. It was so cute at first to see them running all crazy over the yard, I though this was better as they couldn't get cornered as easily from a predator. Hopefully their new yard is safer and it's closer to the house so if they make a racket I can hear them.

I finally finished this outfit for Molly. I don't like the feeling of unfinished projects (this doesn't explain why my closet is full of them). But at last it is done. I immediately cut out a new outfit and vowed not to let it take me so long to complete. The above picture distorts the color of the skirt, I say this as an inexperienced and poor photographer.
I cannot recommend this pattern enough. The directions were very well written and helpful with little pointers to use in the future. I am working on the Sunday Brunch Jacket now.

As you can see by the blue sky above the weather is beautiful. It is Oct 20 and I have yet to be cold. It is a strange feeling. I see many posts with breathtaking Fall colors like here. Usually seeing that makes me oh so homesick but for today I'll take the sunny skies and mild temps. Hope today is good for you, too.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have spent too much time pondering this weekend with my hands in the sink washing dishes. It is a good place to regroup, the view is so pretty. Our last house I had to stare at the neighbors house which by the way always seemed like they were in their window staring at us. I am a magnet for any human being in the area if I decide to get the paper in curlers and a robe. But here I feel we have enough space to let me mosey outside and feed the hens while wearing hello kitty pj bottoms and my husbands size 12 shoes. And I may or may not wear a bra...humph!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

brotherly love

Sam waited his whole life (his words) for a brother. As you can see Henry likes what Sam likes. He likes what Sam eats, how Sam laughs, how he sits, if he coughs, if he wears a hat, if he wears his socks up (or down), if he sings (this is my favorite). They are nine years apart, but growing closer by the minute.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

work in progress

Busy days around here! I've cut out a few things for Molly but haven't had enough time to spend on them.

It's Maggie's birthday, today. Each time one of the kids turn another year older I feel pride at the person they are becoming but also heavy hearted as they are growing, too fast. I love you, baby Maggie!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Hope you have a Berry good weekend!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

tea party skirt

Last week Molly was excited to wear her self titled "tea party dress" to a teddy bear tea party she was attending. We were both sad to see it was too small, though she insisted she could wear it regardless and just "not lift my arms". I'm pretty resourceful but still couldn't relent.

On a whim today I took my newly sharpened scissors to the dress and separated the bodice from the skirt. I made a skirt by kind of following the lazy day skirt tutorial except I added a waistband and pockets. It was very easy and I'm excited to attempt this on a few more outgrown dresses. With half the left over sash I will make a headband.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Recently I watched an old Martha show that inspired me to try something new. Often I watch and envision myself trying to make what she is making -- who am I kidding? But yes this time I acted on my daydreams. Though truthfully I was boring my daughter Maggie with how cute this project was. She researched the guest Martha had on and printed the template, and insisted we get to work.

The template and directions were easy to follow. It was a delightful way to spend the afternoon. Anytime one of my girls want to sew I try not to act overly excited as this makes them roll their eyes and run. Because, well, you know....I convince them to wear frilly aprons when they cook, to please let me cut their hair into a bob (this makes them have reflux), to play croquet in the yard while sipping lemonade in vintage glasses.

Making this doll was very rewarding for me, it was less about the doll and more about having fun with Maggie. I hope she remembers the afternoon as fondly as I do. The doll was designed by Emily of Inside a Black Apple.