Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Recently I watched an old Martha show that inspired me to try something new. Often I watch and envision myself trying to make what she is making -- who am I kidding? But yes this time I acted on my daydreams. Though truthfully I was boring my daughter Maggie with how cute this project was. She researched the guest Martha had on and printed the template, and insisted we get to work.

The template and directions were easy to follow. It was a delightful way to spend the afternoon. Anytime one of my girls want to sew I try not to act overly excited as this makes them roll their eyes and run. Because, well, you know....I convince them to wear frilly aprons when they cook, to please let me cut their hair into a bob (this makes them have reflux), to play croquet in the yard while sipping lemonade in vintage glasses.

Making this doll was very rewarding for me, it was less about the doll and more about having fun with Maggie. I hope she remembers the afternoon as fondly as I do. The doll was designed by Emily of Inside a Black Apple.