Monday, October 20, 2008

beautiful blue sky

These peeping hens required us to spend our weekend building a new chicken yard. We had previously built one down behind our barn but sadly we lost three hens. My neighbor informed us that at least one of them was taken by a snake. The next day we saw a 6-7 foot snake down the road. Like...hello?! A SIX -SEVEN foot snake! This made me even more afraid of snakes. Most people around here like the snakes as they keep the rat population down...again I ask, like, RATS? After a week of letting the chickens run around freely they have done a number (actually hundreds of "numbers") all over the porch and steps and deck and front walk... you get the idea. It was so cute at first to see them running all crazy over the yard, I though this was better as they couldn't get cornered as easily from a predator. Hopefully their new yard is safer and it's closer to the house so if they make a racket I can hear them.

I finally finished this outfit for Molly. I don't like the feeling of unfinished projects (this doesn't explain why my closet is full of them). But at last it is done. I immediately cut out a new outfit and vowed not to let it take me so long to complete. The above picture distorts the color of the skirt, I say this as an inexperienced and poor photographer.
I cannot recommend this pattern enough. The directions were very well written and helpful with little pointers to use in the future. I am working on the Sunday Brunch Jacket now.

As you can see by the blue sky above the weather is beautiful. It is Oct 20 and I have yet to be cold. It is a strange feeling. I see many posts with breathtaking Fall colors like here. Usually seeing that makes me oh so homesick but for today I'll take the sunny skies and mild temps. Hope today is good for you, too.


Lavender Dreamer said...

I love all of your creations and your blog. I would like to add a link on my blog. Hope that's OK! THANKS!