Thursday, October 2, 2008

tea party skirt

Last week Molly was excited to wear her self titled "tea party dress" to a teddy bear tea party she was attending. We were both sad to see it was too small, though she insisted she could wear it regardless and just "not lift my arms". I'm pretty resourceful but still couldn't relent.

On a whim today I took my newly sharpened scissors to the dress and separated the bodice from the skirt. I made a skirt by kind of following the lazy day skirt tutorial except I added a waistband and pockets. It was very easy and I'm excited to attempt this on a few more outgrown dresses. With half the left over sash I will make a headband.


Dawn Gahan said...

Pure genius. It's absolutely adorable. Has a vintage apron kind of feel. I'd wear it!