Thursday, May 27, 2010

lovely short making for the modern day young lady

*advanced skill required

007 009


Growing up with three brothers I thought I would never do this. But I do…every summer.

Play on, little girl.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

last day of school cake

035 I’m glad summer vacation is here. The kids have two half days left of end of school parties and fun, it has been a good year. I like to celebrate this with a cake each year.


This is a cherry chip box mix cake. Have I blogged about this before? Betty Crocker releases them every few years, they are my favorite. It has a kind of almond extract flavor to it. Almond extract reminds me of my mother does it do that to you, too? How do you know my mother?


Hadley knows my mother, she has her skinny chicken legs.

I took this picture a few minutes ago on the screen porch….Hadley, you are so pretty! I’m happy you are home for last day of school cake!

Monday, May 24, 2010

do dah dance

The first thing you have to understand is as a family we move. A Lot. I have no business liking old stuff. Just saying “old stuff” gives me adrenaline… imagine all this old cool stuff that no one makes anymore.

013I only buy things with a purpose. Like this tin. It’s purpose is in my heart and my love for plaid picnic things.

014Plaid picnic things make me think of other happy things like Scotty dogs.

018Which are cute, aren’t they? I don’t own a real Scotty dog though, so I then start thinking of what kind of dog I would own. It would be some kind of Setter….

019 It’s true if I had a Setter like this I would always try and photograph it in front of red and white polka dots. Does that make you happy, too?

020 I’m not trying to be a greaseball and make you swoon over my thrifty goods. To be truthful the thrifting here pretty much stinks 80% of the time. Think something like Goodwill sale rack after it’s already been picked through. That's how it usually is.

011My laundry room has a few piles of old linens, it smells like my Gram’s basement.

012I suppose if it’s your own Gram it’s a good smell. Other Gram’s- not so much.

021 When my husband sees me pull in the drive with old chairs stacked about he kind of gets a nervous tic. But because he is nice he smiles and says things like “NICE!” and “WOW” as he unloads everything. I made him strawberry shortcake later. From scratch mind you. Not the kind with the little twinkie like cakes that are made with ingredients with big words. Gee whiz.

005 This table made me do a do dah dance. Remember this post? If I were Anne of Green Gables when I bought it I would have said something deliciously romantic like how I’ve waited my whole life for this moment.

Dear friends, I shared many things with you today. Take these thoughts and do good things with them. The sun will shine. The sky will be bluer than blue…the good you do will reciprocate off those around you and the world will be better for it. Until next time…. (I’m still Anne)

*a special thanks to Alicia for the inspiration to read A of Green Gables again. It’s still really good.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

magnificent, cluttery, home


Someday there will be no cars on my windowsills.


Or jump ropes on the entry counter.


Grown up shoes will be lined up neatly in the closet.


The art on the walls won’t be held up by tape.


Baseballs won’t find their way under the lawn mower.


The older girls have already taken those tender first steps away from home. But it is still home..where mountains of laundry gets done on a Saturday afternoon.


Having the oldest finish her first year of college has really affected me (can you tell?!). Everyone told me “it goes by so fast” . They were right.

For today I welcome the clutter, the fingerprints, the messy house that holds it all in and makes us a family.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

sewing challenge/ Sunday

028To be a boy in this house means you wear cowboy pajamas and overalls.

025009 - Copy (2)

Sam 1999 Henry 2010

030 Simplicity 3987 view B-this is my favorite pj pattern

The sewing challenge has taught me many things. It’s helped me to be more organized and make better use of my time. It has given me a sense of renewal. I remember reading an Eric Sloan book a long time ago in which he said how our society is missing a sense of pride. Pride in making things with our own hands. Doesn’t it seem that this hand made renewal has been contagious? People are learning to do things their grandparents did…not because they have to but because they want to. This makes me so happy.

The sewing challenge had a party like feel to it. Thanks Meg for letting me be a part of it.

Friday, May 14, 2010

kids clothes challenge/ Friday

035 Does this look a little circus-y? With the polka dotted neck and all? I don’t usually pick big bright prints. But I done did this time and now that I done did made it she is gonna wear it no matter what. Fuddy duddy duh.

If you care-- the skirt part of the dress is similar of that to a pillowcase dress and the bodice is from a McCall’s pattern that is sitting 20 feet away but I’m too lazy to go look at the number. Okay? You writing all that down?

I still have a couple things ready to make…hopefully this weekend I can find some time. Then Elsie Marley’s kids clothes sewing challenge will be over. The flickr pool has really been inspiring me. I hope people keep posting pics as they make things.

I’m kind of tired for a Friday. I think it’s because I don’t feel like making dinner. How did those women do it the 50’s? All those casseroles and gelatin molds…too much pressure!

Kid #3:


He eats a lot and asks me what is for dinner all the time.

I recently cleaned his room and found a bottle of ranch dressing under his bed. He needed it for a band fundraiser dinner (4 months ago).

It had already been opened.

I was mad.

But I’m not anymore.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

sewing challenge excuse

018 Happy Birthday, Molly.

Molly is growing up fast…she is seven. Six has been a good year. She is learning not to be shy.


She is probably the most mature person in our family.


She has been given the gift of kissing her own elbow. Can you do that?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

kids clothes challenge/Wednesday

005It’s day three of the sewing challenge and I’m still having fun. My house is a bit of a mess but that’s okay. It feels good to complete some projects that have been simmering in my mind.

003My kids have all kinds of activities this week but for some reason I get more done when I am busy rather when I am la la laazzzyy around the house. Tonight the two oldest girls are out and we are about to have a storm. I can feel it in me bones. Actually I heard it on the radio, read it in the paper and my sister in Ohio texted it to me. These storms are no fun at all, bless you people just north of us in Oklahoma. I keep thinking of you every time I hear a growl of thunder.


Henry was bribed with two chocolate raisins to take pictures, he really just wanted to pet the cat. The cat really doesn’t like Henry. This only fuels the process.


McCall's 4756 with a homemade appliqué.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

kids clothes challenge/ Tuesday

006 I bought this fabric on a gray late winter day. Perhaps my subconscious was missing the blues and greens of summer. I think I shall call this The Birdsong Dress. It’s for my daughter, Molly. She loves to be outside.


The pattern is a vintage McCall’s, (3501) with several changes (mostly because I’m somewhat lazy).

003001I recently bought a large box of vintage zippers, this was the first one I used. The little metal teeth made me happy. I like old sewing stuff. I bet a lot of people throw it away b/c they think no one will want it. If you know those people tell them to stop doing that.


Did you forget about my giveaway? It’s over now. There were 14 entries and only one winner, so, sorry to say, you probably lost.

The winner is Ashley. I have never met Ashley but can tell you she is very special for many reasons…one of which is she is having a baby tomorrow! Wow!

Email me when you get a chance (my email is in the sidebar) with your address.

I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow…

Monday, May 10, 2010

kids clothes challenge/ Monday

Today’s the first day of the kids clothing challenge over at Elsie Marley. Meg has a list of bloggers participating here. Also check out the flickr pool for the latest creations all inspired by Meg and her blog.

Today is the first day…I finished up two projects for my youngest two kids.

052For her: A chicken shirt and shorts. I made the chicken appliqué by sketching it until I was happy enough with it to trace it with a sharpie (that’s about 75 chicken sketches on scrap paper). Next I cut out each section and using stitch witchery I ironed and stitched it on a t-shirt from Target adding a bead for the eye and hand stitching the feet.


For him: Little boxer briefs inspired from this post on Elsie Marley. These are sized about 2-3T and if you don’t mind me complimenting my own child’s underwear I must say they are really cute. I made my own pattern from taking apart a picture of my husband’s briefs (I’ll spare you the picture of that) and using them as a shape guide made a mini version on butcher paper. This took many tries. I used a favorite old shirt that I didn’t have the heart to toss.

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone is working on…it’s inspiring. I needed a boost in the inspiring dept. Tomorrow I’ll try and be more inspiring than a pair of underwear on a dusty old trunk.

Thanks for visiting!

PS Check out the giveaway ends tomorrow!

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Giveaway!

  A Holly Hobbie giveaway!

Just because you are nice (and because I have a boatload of HH stuff).

There are four vintage items in this giveaway—to be given to one special person.  Are you special? 

To enter just leave a comment telling me what your favorite collectibles are.  What have you found recently that gave you that happy sighing smile as you drove away with someone else’s junk in your car?

You may link to this post if you wish.

The four items are:

A panel of Holly fabric crafts (a pillow with tooth or trinket pocket, rag doll, and satchel).  This is a large full sized panel.


012  An original Knickerbocker Holly Rag Doll (can’t you read the box?).  The box is not in mint condition but the doll is. She has been out of the box, I know this because I took her out of the box myself to look at her bright colored dress.


A half yard of navy and white Holly Hobbie gingham fabric.


The last item is a large ceramic Holly plate.  It says: “Start each day in a happy way.”

That’s good advice, isn’t it?


Leave your comment by Tuesday morning May 11. I will pick a winner that afternoon.

What? You don’t like Holly Hobbie?  You surely must be joking.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

the sun and soil

025 Time has been well spent outside planting and digging. Though I enjoy growing a garden very much it is at the point when my back is sore and the weeds just keep growing. I won’t give up…I won’t let those weeds win.

No two gardens are the same. No two days are the same in one garden. ~Hugh Johnson


I like to wake up early and walk through the dewy grass to look at the garden. It looks prettiest like that, I think. Like it is sleepy from all that hard work in the sun. I feel grateful for the garden. Even though it amounts to a large amount of work, it feels too easy. You know?


Red likes the dewy mornings, too.

Happy Spring days to you and yours…