Friday, May 7, 2010

A Giveaway!

  A Holly Hobbie giveaway!

Just because you are nice (and because I have a boatload of HH stuff).

There are four vintage items in this giveaway—to be given to one special person.  Are you special? 

To enter just leave a comment telling me what your favorite collectibles are.  What have you found recently that gave you that happy sighing smile as you drove away with someone else’s junk in your car?

You may link to this post if you wish.

The four items are:

A panel of Holly fabric crafts (a pillow with tooth or trinket pocket, rag doll, and satchel).  This is a large full sized panel.


012  An original Knickerbocker Holly Rag Doll (can’t you read the box?).  The box is not in mint condition but the doll is. She has been out of the box, I know this because I took her out of the box myself to look at her bright colored dress.


A half yard of navy and white Holly Hobbie gingham fabric.


The last item is a large ceramic Holly plate.  It says: “Start each day in a happy way.”

That’s good advice, isn’t it?


Leave your comment by Tuesday morning May 11. I will pick a winner that afternoon.

What? You don’t like Holly Hobbie?  You surely must be joking.



Briana said...

I love that plate! I like to collect tea cups and garden plants. Do plants count?

I'm not so good at garage sale shopping. The most memorable thing I ever bought at one was a Moses basket when I was pregnant with my first child. I was only 18, newly married to a poor Marine and it cost us $15.00(which was a lot to us). But we used it for our first two babies. I highly regret giving it away!

sharon darragh said...

How could anyone not love Holly Hobbie. I love the character and the artist as well. I have been collecting her artwork for s long time.

Dawn said...

I seem to collect whatever strikes my fancy--used to be dolls, then coke memorabilia, then hedgehogs, now it's books and fabric/craft stuff and future garage sale items!

Andi said...

Most recently I got an old galvanized minnow bucket for a buck at a garage sale...

From a man who revealed he had MS, and was unable to use his yard stuff and recreational stuff due to his health and shared his sad tale of his wife dying.

I felt like a worm and a thief.

But, I still threw in a hoe for another buck.

I am a troll.

LB's Sewing Sanity said...

We are sisters which is the best treasure I've ever walked away with from a yard sale! LOVE the plate. Surprised you are able to part with it!

Ashley said...

Oh I just adore Holly Hobbie! My mom had a Holly Hobbie themed bedroom when she was little, I have yet to stumble upon any Holly Hobbie treasures of my own yet. Everything you are sharing is just darling! Especially the cute fabric panel! Have a happy week!

Jemm said...

You are so sweet to do a giveaway! Everything is so cute, but that picture on the plate takes me back. I think I must have had something with that image on it in my youth. It just made me smile. I think I told you before that I had a set of Holly paper dolls when I was probably 4 years old.

Yer not fixin' to move are ya?

~Lavender Dreamer~ said... just keeps on! I found a package of Holly Hobby invitation cards this week at my favorite thrift store...really I did! They are brand new, not opened! What a sweet giveaway! My best find that day was the Tinker Toys and a little children's cup I need to take pics of! Thanks sweet friend! ♥

Prairiemaid said...

What do I collect, other than dust?

I love old dishes, glassware (depression glass), the brown crockware that the Safeway stores did as a promotion, old coffee cups/mugs....pretty much anything old and county. I have lots of cast iron and the last thing I was EXCITED about, dh brought in an antique cast iron tea kettle.

I am now following you. Too much good stuff going on here!;)

Love Holly Hobbie. Years ago, I thought the Hobby Lobby stores were named after her character.LOL

Jacqueline said...

I sit humble in the back of the classroom raising my hand to join the give away. I love Holly Hobbie and I'd love to be the keeper of these goodies!
My latest find is a Holly Hobbie christmas ornament.
Long live our favorite Holly girl!

Lindsey in AL said...

I totally dig HH and I MISS her! My 4 year-old found a HH game online but it was so lame! They were all in JEANS! A travesty, in my opinion. I would love to win so my girls can see what HH really looks like :D

Lindsey in AL said...

ACK! I failed to mention that I am indeed special. I love to collect Hull brown-dip pottery and have since I was 19. It's getting harder and harder to come by. I also love old bowls of all colors, shapes and sizes. Mostly I can't resist things to put other things in-baskets, boxes, bowls, suitcases! Suitcases used to be my downfall but I have learned to control myself there since I have almost 5 children and live in a 900 square foot house. I have also recently cut back on my old book spending since I have more in piles and boxes than on shelves and there's not much room left for more shelves.
Whew! Hopefully that first ignorant and disobedient comment didn't disqualify me!

Barbara Brown said...

oh my gosh i had that exact holly hobbie doll when i was a little girl. i also had a smaller, probably 6" one in blue and also one in a tan dress. when we moved from chicago to california at age 8 my parents sold most of our things and my dolls never made it to ca. very sad i know. i remember my friend had holly hobbie bedding. the doll was on the top of the quilt and the length of the bed and stuffed with a ruffle that was not attached at the bottom of the skirt. i thought it was the coolest bedding in the world and wanted it for myself. very fun items you have there.

Barbara Brown said...

oh duh, my favorite collectibles are marbles. my grandfather gave me his whole collection that he has had since he was eight years old and i pick them up whenever i can as a souvenir. the last time i got really excited about an item i found was an entire box of 45's i used to listen to when i was young. my dad couldn't find them and thought he must have gotten rid of them then when they were moving and going through boxes from storage he came across them and i got them, not my three other siblings. so even though i did not thrift them i got that same great rush of the find.