Monday, May 24, 2010

do dah dance

The first thing you have to understand is as a family we move. A Lot. I have no business liking old stuff. Just saying “old stuff” gives me adrenaline… imagine all this old cool stuff that no one makes anymore.

013I only buy things with a purpose. Like this tin. It’s purpose is in my heart and my love for plaid picnic things.

014Plaid picnic things make me think of other happy things like Scotty dogs.

018Which are cute, aren’t they? I don’t own a real Scotty dog though, so I then start thinking of what kind of dog I would own. It would be some kind of Setter….

019 It’s true if I had a Setter like this I would always try and photograph it in front of red and white polka dots. Does that make you happy, too?

020 I’m not trying to be a greaseball and make you swoon over my thrifty goods. To be truthful the thrifting here pretty much stinks 80% of the time. Think something like Goodwill sale rack after it’s already been picked through. That's how it usually is.

011My laundry room has a few piles of old linens, it smells like my Gram’s basement.

012I suppose if it’s your own Gram it’s a good smell. Other Gram’s- not so much.

021 When my husband sees me pull in the drive with old chairs stacked about he kind of gets a nervous tic. But because he is nice he smiles and says things like “NICE!” and “WOW” as he unloads everything. I made him strawberry shortcake later. From scratch mind you. Not the kind with the little twinkie like cakes that are made with ingredients with big words. Gee whiz.

005 This table made me do a do dah dance. Remember this post? If I were Anne of Green Gables when I bought it I would have said something deliciously romantic like how I’ve waited my whole life for this moment.

Dear friends, I shared many things with you today. Take these thoughts and do good things with them. The sun will shine. The sky will be bluer than blue…the good you do will reciprocate off those around you and the world will be better for it. Until next time…. (I’m still Anne)

*a special thanks to Alicia for the inspiration to read A of Green Gables again. It’s still really good.


Briana said...

If I were your friend Diana I would know exactly what to say. I can't remember how she responds to Anne, something practical, most likely.

That table is sweet. Are you going to paint and decoupage it? I don't think you can go wrong leaving it as is or painting it. It has great lines. It looks like one of those things that will give you a warm fuzzy every time you look at it for years to come. Don't you love having things like that in your home?

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

The table really is perfect for you, Anne girl! And I know how you feel! I only bought 2 things on our trip to the beach....2 cookie cutters! heehee! I wanted some like you found, with the red handles but I was happy to at least find 2 old aluminum cookie cutters. If we went together...I guess we would fight over stuff! lol!!! ♥♥♥

LB's Sewing Sanity said...

Great post. Glad you FINALLY blogged. It had been too long! Isn't it time for you to do a 30 day post marathon? Wish we could go to the flea markets together in N.E. this summer! Love to the family.

Andi said...

Love your good thrift finds! Love this post!

And it took thought! Which is way more than I want to commit to..

The Dadman Diaries said...

Sorry to be the Party-Pooper, but PLEASE stop buying stuff! I keep hearing about all the tornados in your half of the state and keep thinking about all your piles of your stuff clunking you in the head! Good Grief!

And hey - if you and Sis decide to do a NE Trip - how about making a 14 Day List and attempting to find everything on that list within 14 days, and blogging about it? Both of you? (She has a laptop) It could kind of be like The Amazing Race and Survivor and Lucy all in one! haha

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

I love all of this stuff. And I agree on the 80 percent part - make it 90! I'm glad the sale season has started here so I can thrift less.

Jemm said...

That is how our thrifting is around here mostly too. But it looks like you've scored pretty well. Cute collection of picnic items. They look pristine.

GardenofDaisies said...

What a great little drop leaf table! Are you going to paint it?

Lollipop said...

oh the first pic!
I want the same!!!