Thursday, October 27, 2011

The funny and good day

Thank you all so very much for your kind words on my last post.  It was magical for me really, to read your words.  I wrote that post feeling uncertain about so many things and all your comments made me feel even more that it is hard to draw a line between “real” friends and blogging friends.  If I could come to your house with baked goods and hugs I surely would.

I am so thrilled to have another child, it felt so fragile there for a while that I was afraid to say it out loud.  My thoughts made little sense and it felt hard to talk…about anything.  Everything seemed so minor compared to that little bean in my belly and it’s steady beating heart.  So yes, from the bottom of my own heart- thank you!

Today has been a funny day.  I went to the closest large town to pick up a few groceries and I couldn’t find the grocery store.  I have been there before but with the one way streets going the wrong way I got so discombobulated.  I found a different plaza and it was even nicer than the original store.  Lucky for me there was a Michael’s and I found myself roaming around until Henry’s craft store meter was used up.  He only piped up after I went to the glitter glue aisle for the third time.  And if all that wasn’t smiley enough the clerk let me use two 40% off coupons at once. 

Soon after we came home it started spitting snow.  We ran outside like any people from Texas would when it snows in October.  I took these pictures of the old school house across the street…



You can’t really see the snow coming down in those pictures, but now as I look out the window it looks like an entirely different season…all in the same day!


We live near this mountain, I’m guessing snow will be part of our lives until April.

As for the old school, I will answer your questions before giving you a chance to ask them.

The town owns it and it’s full of junk.  I peeked in the windows and other than the junk it still has lots of old charm, like a gigantic chalk board.  I wish I could buy it just so we could play school in it.  I would love to decorate it for Christmas. 

I hope you had a good, funny day, too. I hope you are warm hearted and happy and when your kids come in the house and track in muddy snow  try not to yell, it’s only the first time of the season for goodness sakes.


Friday, October 21, 2011

just me leaning on you

It’s autumn and I love pumpkins and the changing leaves and um… I’m pregnant. 

I envisioned myself writing this post in a couple months in a fun and surprising way.  But as I have started my second trimester it has been a tumultuous ride.  I’m not a good pregnant person. It sounds silly as I have five children but writing about it now seems to feel right and maybe that worried mind of mine would selfishly be a little comforted by hearing what you have to say.


Being a mother has always dominated my thoughts, even from my doll playing days.  I love being a mother and from the moment my first child was placed in my arms I knew I wanted more kids, lots of them.   Luckily my husband thinks the same way. 

Like many journeys in life, pregnancy and childbirth have never been storybook for us, if there is such a thing. Over the years we have had our share of sad moments and fear and I suppose even a little anger.

And now I find myself full of fear again. I made it through the first part and felt like I won a marathon…and now this morning an unexpected call from the OB and my worrying  is back into full swing.  When I was younger I felt such resolve and determination, I wish I had that back.   It seems so wasteful to worry when God has been so good to us. 

The last few months were up and down, my poor family in Connecticut must think the worst of me.  This post is their announcement (Guess who’s expecting again!)… I’m not so good at the personal stuff, and I think I may have hurt some feelings and been hiding too long.  Not that my whole family reads my blog but really it only takes one person in my family to read this and news spreads like wildfire.

As I write this my youngest daughter is in bed and singing to herself. It comforts me and makes me feel things will be just fine.  That is a pretty similar emotion I get from you.  You comfort me, from wherever you are.  You never make me feel shy or self conscious- things I struggle with nearly everyday. 

So if you are giving free hugs or want to tell me I’m a hormonal lunatic, it’s okay.  I love your comments.



Tuesday, October 18, 2011



My sewing list is long, and I don’t seem to take time to do it.  There’s always more important stuff. Or more stuff to procrastinate with.  Like blogging.


I need to make curtains, the house seems empty and echoe-y without them.  The boys room is first as I bought this fabric in June just for their room and I finally washed it and carefully folded it back on the bolt. 


I folded carefully for about 10 seconds then savagely wound it up like the spin cycle on an out of control washing machine.

Now it has sat like that waiting for me.  And I keep procrastinating. because I would rather sew other things.  And really I don’t feel like ironing 32 yards of fabric.

052 048


Now that I’ve taken pictures of sewing stuff I think I am ready.  I think I will play the Mamas and Papas and dump the lincoln logs on the floor for Henry, eat some chocolate covered raisins and sew.

Au revoir! A bientôt!

Monday, October 10, 2011

going to Boston while the sun shines

Boston holds dear memories of the early days while getting to know my husband.  We strolled through the cobblestone streets like young love does, holding hands and taking no heed of time.  We were young but it didn’t feel like it.  I think we felt grown up eating in fancy restaurants and shopping in city stores.

We have tried to take a trip to Boston each time we headed east through the years.  Slowly we added kids to our city treks.  In fact I remember Molly taking her first steps on a little patch of grass near the wharf as we watched the boats.

Yesterday we took advantage of the beautiful weather and marched our kids through the city.  We had a yard sale on Saturday and conveniently spent all the loot we earned on dinner at the Oyster House.


    don’t step on a crack


this is the first time I realized Sam is much taller than Maggie


the sky was so blue and clear


Henry had a birds eye view much of the day


the public garden was so pretty, I could have sat there all day



the Oyster House is kind of touristy but we can’t resist


And that is how we spent the day in Boston, it’s still pretty fun even though our young love is just a memory.  Old love is just as good!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

book look

Having kids of all ages means we have a lot of stuff to cover the ages.  Especially books.  It’s hard to decide who keeps which books in which room.  In the hall next to the kids room I built a shelf to house the children’s books.  It’s the first time they have mostly been in one place.  The kids books I treasure I selfishly keep in my own little room.


If you blew up this picture and stood in front of a room of wood workers with one of those kaleidoscope pointer things I wood would  be really embarrassed.  Every time I try to build something I come across a “Fine Builder” magazine or something like it and I laugh myself silly.  I look at the plans to make stuff and think it’s like reading some exotic language.  Instead I walk around the barn and look at the wood we have and then go insane with the saw and drill until the level tells me it isn’t technically crooked but then when I bring it in the house it is kind of like a parallelogram.  So I add more screws every which way.  Is that a normal way to build stuff?


I made sure it’s secure and it won’t fall over.  Hopefully you notice there are spaces available for more books :) 

Thanks for your comments on yesterday’s post.  I almost didn’t post it as it felt like I was exposing our boring-ness.

This is what the soup looks like when it’s finished, I’ll try and post how to  make it soon.


Hope you are having a happy day!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

two minutes

October 4, 2011 between 4:34 and 4:36. What were you doing?

004 005

006 021

dinner prep: minestrone soup and bread in the bread machine (again).


Sam making a sign.

009 010

Henry cutting tiny pieces of paper without using an art mat (patience, mothers) with his latest favorite book he’s been hauling around.


Molly making stuff at her craft corner she set up.  She sells us tickets to attend and make stuff.


Maggie snuggling and telling me to leave her be.

It’s cold and rainy today…

018 019

Two everyday minutes.


Monday, October 3, 2011

from Ina to Hadley

Sometimes I worry that while my oldest is away at school she doesn’t eat right.  Sometimes I can’t help myself and go on and on about how important it is to eat right and get enough sleep.  Things are so much easier when you eat right and get enough sleep, don’t you think?

I remember when she was two I made her a fancy lunch of Thanksgiving leftovers and set the table pretty just for her.  She was so excited, I have the same feeling even now.  I want to go to her house and make her food. 

Henry, Molly and I made her granola bars which isn’t quite the same as T-day leftovers but will have to do until she is home and I can make her eat greens and other healthy stuff.

These are from Ina Garten.  Ina reminds me of a childhood friend’s mother.  She comes across as la dee dah and maybe a little snobby but you know it is just how she is because she doesn’t know how to be any different.  Anyway, that’s my take on the Barefoot Contessa…she is probably my favorite cooking show person as most of the stuff she cooks I would actually eat.


I like to try granola bar recipes, as my kids consider them sweet like cookies.  This recipe is made with wheat germ and honey and you can substitute any dried fruit you  have on hand.


Parchment paper is very helpful when baking as they are pretty sticky and it’s easier to lift the whole cooled pan full onto the cutting board.

007 009

Bon Appétit, Hadley!


Saturday, October 1, 2011

September hath 30 Days

Can you even believe the thirty days of September 2011 are over?

Last night I sat and pondered about what exactly I did in September.  I feel like the whole year is made to support the month of September and now (gasp) it’s gone. 

I love September…it’s fresh scrubbed from summer with kids with their school supplies and new clothes.  I love the way the light changes from the start of the month to the end of the month.  It makes me feel optimistic.

But it’s gone now. Did I do enough to deserve being optimistic?

There’s that old saying of “learn something everyday” and I do like to learn.

It turns out September was a worthy month, moreso than normal.


I’ll start my list with an incident that happened in the dining room.  It was kind of gross and it will probably make you never want to eat at my house ever...through all the sands of time.


We knew after our inspection the exhaust pipe in the dining room closet from the furnace needed to be replaced.  We made a list to the sellers of what we wanted them them to repair. Choosing our battles, we opted to have the pipe done ourselves.  Doing this I learned insulated pipe is really expensive.  But that isn’t the gross part.

The gross part is soon after the pipe was done there was a terrible smell.  A really, really bad smell.  We thought a mouse might have been trapped in the new pipe.  For days.  But in the end it was in the closet, amongst my dishes and serving platters.  Did I tell you it smelled really bad?  It smelled really bad.  I’m not sure I will ever get over it.


During September I finished Oliver Wiswell.  Are you tired of me mentioning this book?  I would be afraid to tell you to read it as it is very long and kind of drags on in some parts.  But it changed my life.  I think it has to do with my love for New England and history and completely having my mind expanded in learning about the revolutionary war.  I still think about this book every day.


At the beginning of the month I turned 39.  It’s really close to 40. 

38-39 is the age when I noticed things change. 

I don’t feel old, but I feel older. 

There are green veins in my legs.

Young movie stars seem ridiculous.

I like to go to bed when it gets dark.

I appreciate simple.


I hope you are having a great weekend, I’m glad we have a whole day tomorrow, too.  Weekends are so great!