Wednesday, October 5, 2011

book look

Having kids of all ages means we have a lot of stuff to cover the ages.  Especially books.  It’s hard to decide who keeps which books in which room.  In the hall next to the kids room I built a shelf to house the children’s books.  It’s the first time they have mostly been in one place.  The kids books I treasure I selfishly keep in my own little room.


If you blew up this picture and stood in front of a room of wood workers with one of those kaleidoscope pointer things I wood would  be really embarrassed.  Every time I try to build something I come across a “Fine Builder” magazine or something like it and I laugh myself silly.  I look at the plans to make stuff and think it’s like reading some exotic language.  Instead I walk around the barn and look at the wood we have and then go insane with the saw and drill until the level tells me it isn’t technically crooked but then when I bring it in the house it is kind of like a parallelogram.  So I add more screws every which way.  Is that a normal way to build stuff?


I made sure it’s secure and it won’t fall over.  Hopefully you notice there are spaces available for more books :) 

Thanks for your comments on yesterday’s post.  I almost didn’t post it as it felt like I was exposing our boring-ness.

This is what the soup looks like when it’s finished, I’ll try and post how to  make it soon.


Hope you are having a happy day!



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your books! I can't wait until we can get bookcases for our library area! And I enjoyed spending a couple of minutes with you yesterday! I miss my big family all around me! Hugs! ♥

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

PS I'm having a giveaway...something you'll love! Stop by when you can! ♥

Jemm said...

Love your shelves. My husband built some at our old house and we had to leave them behind :( These really remind me of those. I am so impressed that you are a bit of a carpenter! Saws scare me...too loud. We have a stockpile of wood in our barn that my husband and his brother got from taking a tree to a mill. It's great to have, but it isn't planed. So anytime he wants to use it he has to borrow his dad's planer. LOVE your books and shelves!

Andi said...

Is that Nancy Drew I spy?

Love your shelves! Good for you and your big bad ambitious self!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh your shelves look great! What a blessing to have so many wonderful books.

Paula said...

I love your little people camper. I have never seen that before.

youwannawhat said...

My books are still packed away on shelves...we moved two years ago...and I'm ashamed to admit it that I still haven't unpacked them. I have little ones...and lots of books. The kids both have a small asortment of book in their own areas. I wish I were brave enough to built shelves! Good for you! I love posts about ordinary family moments. I have older kids that have moved out too, the memories though of them small are all the little moments. Life happens fast!

youwannawhat said...

...oops meant to say packed away in boxes!

Dawn said...

I'm totally fine with the 'more screws' theory. The shelves look great. And you have them--you didn't have to wait on someone else to build them! And darn those Harry Potter books--if they weren't so thick, you'd have more room for books!

Leslie said...

What a great collection of books ~ I love the shelving!
Have a great weekend.

Oh.. and the soup looks yummy!

Briana said...

I am impressed! I'm afraid of power tools so have never attempted anything like a bookshelf before. You did a great job.