Tuesday, October 18, 2011



My sewing list is long, and I don’t seem to take time to do it.  There’s always more important stuff. Or more stuff to procrastinate with.  Like blogging.


I need to make curtains, the house seems empty and echoe-y without them.  The boys room is first as I bought this fabric in June just for their room and I finally washed it and carefully folded it back on the bolt. 


I folded carefully for about 10 seconds then savagely wound it up like the spin cycle on an out of control washing machine.

Now it has sat like that waiting for me.  And I keep procrastinating. because I would rather sew other things.  And really I don’t feel like ironing 32 yards of fabric.

052 048


Now that I’ve taken pictures of sewing stuff I think I am ready.  I think I will play the Mamas and Papas and dump the lincoln logs on the floor for Henry, eat some chocolate covered raisins and sew.

Au revoir! A bientôt!


LB's Sewing Sanity said...

If I leave now, I can sew with you ALL DAY tomorrow! I laughed out loud when I saw the bolts of fabric viscously rewound on the bolt. That is my daughters' job in the studio.

Can't wait to see pictures of the boys room w/new curtains.

BTW - LOVE your ironing board cover - did you make it?

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Sounds like a plan! And maybe you can fluff the fabric with a dryer sheet to get the wrinkles out! heehee! Have FUN! ♥

Briana said...

I have curtains cut out and waiting for me to get to them. I have a love/hate relationship with sewing. I did schedule in 15 minutes each afternoon to sew or work on projects so I may have schoolroom curtains soon!

Hey, stop wasting time and start sewing! Oops, maybe, I should take my own advice.

Paula said...

Today was a perfect sewing day. I have been working on several of my unfinished projects and actually finished a few. YEA! Looking forward to seeing your finished projects.

Andi said...

I love the picture of all of your thread....It ALMOST inspires me to sew!

Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Are they done yet?

Dawn said...

I have thread envy! And your old Singer! I dare not show you my sewing room. It is sad beyond words. Enjoy your ironing!

LBP said...

I have a top cut out and partially sewn lying on my sewing table that I look at every night and say maybe tomorrow. Sigh.... I've pushed it back to make Halloween crafts and I even cut out a Halloween skirt that I have promised myself I will finish tonight. I hope.....



Juniper said...

Ah my dear, happy sewing! I am about to gulp the last sips of coffee, put on the radio (new bbc program called outlook) and sew! Great post and you really made me laugh wih your description of putting the fabrc back on the bolt. Thank you, I so enjoy visiing your blog!

Andi said...

On that recipe I forgot to say press the granola mixture in firmly! That is a very important step! I went back and changed it, but if you already printed it, you better fix it!

good grief.

Jemm said...

If I send you some fabric can you wash it and fold it for me ;) Make the curtains too while you're at it!