Thursday, October 27, 2011

The funny and good day

Thank you all so very much for your kind words on my last post.  It was magical for me really, to read your words.  I wrote that post feeling uncertain about so many things and all your comments made me feel even more that it is hard to draw a line between “real” friends and blogging friends.  If I could come to your house with baked goods and hugs I surely would.

I am so thrilled to have another child, it felt so fragile there for a while that I was afraid to say it out loud.  My thoughts made little sense and it felt hard to talk…about anything.  Everything seemed so minor compared to that little bean in my belly and it’s steady beating heart.  So yes, from the bottom of my own heart- thank you!

Today has been a funny day.  I went to the closest large town to pick up a few groceries and I couldn’t find the grocery store.  I have been there before but with the one way streets going the wrong way I got so discombobulated.  I found a different plaza and it was even nicer than the original store.  Lucky for me there was a Michael’s and I found myself roaming around until Henry’s craft store meter was used up.  He only piped up after I went to the glitter glue aisle for the third time.  And if all that wasn’t smiley enough the clerk let me use two 40% off coupons at once. 

Soon after we came home it started spitting snow.  We ran outside like any people from Texas would when it snows in October.  I took these pictures of the old school house across the street…



You can’t really see the snow coming down in those pictures, but now as I look out the window it looks like an entirely different season…all in the same day!


We live near this mountain, I’m guessing snow will be part of our lives until April.

As for the old school, I will answer your questions before giving you a chance to ask them.

The town owns it and it’s full of junk.  I peeked in the windows and other than the junk it still has lots of old charm, like a gigantic chalk board.  I wish I could buy it just so we could play school in it.  I would love to decorate it for Christmas. 

I hope you had a good, funny day, too. I hope you are warm hearted and happy and when your kids come in the house and track in muddy snow  try not to yell, it’s only the first time of the season for goodness sakes.



Andi said...

My sister has snow in Texas today! Yay for her! And you! I am TOTALLY jealous, although we are having rain, so God is good.

I also told Paula that I'm totally hoping for a blizzard the third year in a row...Although this year I hope I'm not on call and snowed in at the hospital so I can stay home and eat too many home baked goods and endless cups of coffee, cocoa and cider...Although there is no blizzard today and that is EXACTLY what I accomplished today!

Glad you are feeling more grounded in the new blessing!

Dog Trot Farm said...

I am pleased to hear your spirits are brighter, my belief, children are a gift from God. We too had snow predicted in the forecast, but alas just rain. (Maine) I am being honest when I say I miss the days of muddy footprints on my floors, why stress over the little stuff.Children grow up much to quickly. Glad to read you had an enjoyable day, blessings, Julie of Dog Trot Farm.

Dawn said...

I had a totally fun because we had parent teacher conferences tonight. That meant I 'got' to stay at school till 7:00. The Fun Part? No school tomorrow! Hooray!

Briana said...

What! I can't believe you have that cute little school across the street from your house. I think you should decorate it for Christmas. Wouldn't it make such a pretty view with evergreen garlands and bright lights?

Juniper said...

Nothing as special as that first snowfall, what a picturesque scene out your window. Ohh to fix up that cool old school house! A small Christmas market would be perfect! Maybe next year?

It's Just Dottie said...

I am so happy for you. I am the oldest of 9 children and my large family has always been a blessing to me. I always pray for you and your family,my friend. I live where it hardly ever snows. So I think of snow as a magical thing of beauty. Blessing, Dottie

Barbara said...

Your photos make me so wistful. I lived in New Hampshire only a few years, but they were wonderful. Looks like you're enjoying your beautiful surroundings.

Leslie said...

Looks like a dream land!!! Glad to hear that all is good!