Tuesday, November 8, 2011

an elephant kewpie may or may not be cute


The last two sales I went to kind of made me crazy.  I could have just sat there with my number high in the air the whole time.   The last few years of sales have changed me, they were of a different pace. 

Anyhow I sat and watched box lots of stuff with no bids until it was down to next to nothing and my arm would twitch and the yellow number card would boing into the air.  That is how I ended up with an elephant kewpie and lots of other old toys.  My youngest was with me, he is all about lincoln logs and I think I have built him a set in which he could now build us a full size house.  So I’m pondering not buying anymore, even when they are only a dollar and they have roof pieces that are SUPWER COOL, MOM. 

Since I last posted we have had 20” of snow, and been without power for a bit.  It’s a whole new life style and as long as the woodstove is full of fire the world is just fine. 

I hope your world is just fine, too!


Dawn said...

Wow! You've gone from power failure because of summer storms to power failure and winter storms! I love the buggy. I'm still pondering the elephant.....Can't make up my mind about that!

Andi said...

Love the buggy...And love the elephant. Just not sure what I would DO with such an elephant!

I'm not sure 20" of snow classifies as "fun." Although, I've loved our blizzards the last few years with the whole family trapped inside, I think up there people expect you to still get out and function in snow.

Anonymous said...

I'm my mother's daughter because I would have purchased that elephant in a heartbeat!!!!!!!

Jenn Bontrager said...

You always find the cutest things. The elephant is definitly cute!

Juniper said...

Heavens! That is a lot of snow!!!! Hope your keeping warm and cozy. Lincoln logs, lucky boy. Wish I could find them here, we are awash with China plastic and Disney in the shops here. Hard to find the good old toys. LIke the buggy, but the elephant is a wee bit creepy.

Prairie Rose said...

I am so glad that you all have a wood stove to keep you warm.
I am thinking that the elephant is cute, but yeah....it is different isnt it???