Tuesday, November 29, 2011

from holiday lights to dry heaving

I love this time of year.  From Thanksgiving right up until the New Year, I like the busyness, the sparkles the school programs.  The days spin along with their own agenda pushing us from one thing to the next. 

We went down the road to cut a Christmas tree, something our younger kids have yet to experience.  We walked about the tree farm until we all ended up in the same corner and decided we found the right tree, somewhat because it was the right size and somewhat because we were tired and the trees all started to look the same.

003 a ta

That’s Ken and I giving each other the look of love, and Molly setting off on her high speed trek to find the right tree.  She runs everywhere, do you have a child like that?

Thanksgiving came and went.  I spent that morning with my head over the garbage can, something that is all too frequent and I really wish would stop.  But in just the nick of time I managed to get dressed and go to my sister’s house.  My brother was there whom I haven’t seen in 5 years and it made me cry.  Surely he thinks I am a freak with my dry heavy breath and wild look of black mascara tears. 

After that we went to Ken’s side.  We had a full day, in a very good way.  It was a much different Thanksgiving than in past years when we had a table full of airman who were unable to go home for the holiday.


This is my Irish mother in law. She likes to pick on me and I like to pick on her, so it works out nicely.  This would be an example of the face she would make if I asked her if she boozed it up before we arrived.

My oldest came and went.  We tried to fit a lot in while she was here, to include crafting marathons and sushi.  I miss her being close by.  She makes me laugh so much!

(This is where a picture of Hadley should be but after a recent Facebook incident of posting pictures that are unflattering without asking all us girls agreed to only post pictures with permission,though pictures of my mother in law are always okay.)

Henry turned five yesterday and is officially not a baby anymore.  He has hauled around a stuffed cat he named “Mama Kitty” for years.  She used to be vibrant and cute but now well... she smells a little tangy in a not so good way.

So we got him a kitten.  A real one that doesn’t take batteries.  I put her in a gift bag and Henry was pretty surprised.  I think I will remember his face my whole life.


I love the little kitten.  We named her Sally O’Malley, okay I named her Sally O’Malley because if we let Henry name her he would have said something like ChukkahBukkah or CheezyWeezy.  


Sally O’Malley and Mama Kitty.  One of these cats smells better than the other.

That’s all I gots for now.  It’s time for dinner- chicken soup with rice.  So I best be getting to the kitchen and doing some cooking while listening to holiday music of the big band swing variety.

Tootles, friends….

PS We saw the Muppet movie and it was good, it was the first movie in a very long time that our whole family could watch together without it being too loud or scary or full of fart jokes.


Barbara said...

What a lovely family you have (and what a lovely kittieeeeee - we love kitties). You even have a nice MIL. You are blessed.

Leslie said...

I love the tree farm photo! Sounds like a nice holiday and a great family. Sorry about the Non morning sickness. : )
WOW..a real kitten... what a lucky little man!!! Sally is my youngest daughters name, sometimes when I say Sally O'malley .. they all get mad at me since our goverenor (that we did not vote for) is named O'malley. lol.
Have a great week

Jemm said...

Aww, love the look on your son's face when he sees the kitty. That is just precious. Hope you feel better soon.

Prairie Rose said...

**Squeal** I LOVE Sally, she is just precious and I am so glad Henry has a new friend!
What a memorable birthday for him!

Andi said...

My youngest has informed me that she wants a kitten for Christmas...Our Freckles has disappeared, and we are quite sad as she was pregnant!
And, no it wasn't to deliver kittens as they were not due for several more weeks.
Love that you got to go a tree farm...Love that you can pick on your mom in law...

And LOVE Henry's face!

Oh, and yes. My youngest runs EVERYWHERE, but so do I, only mine is a very rapid walk to reflect that I'm all grown up now...And dawdlers make me crazy.

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Looks like af great day :)


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Juniper said...

Like that look of love, somtimes its the smiling glances over kids heads that are so sweet in a marriage. Yes, I have two of thoe run everywhere children. Its wet winter days I long for huge open spaces to let them, not this maze of tightly packed stone houses.
Happy birthday to your little guy! What a weet little kitten, perfect way to cosy into the holiday season. Hope your feeling better, no fun with all the food of christmas around to not be able to enjoy it! Glad you are enjoying the season, with family all around!

Dawn said...

What a lucky boy--A real live kitten!
I'm sure that Mama Kitty is wearisome but it's still a little sad when the stuffed animal that's the best friend gets left behind as the kids grow.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a fun post to catch up on your life! I sure hope you are feeling better now! What a sweet birthday boy and the perfect gift! Enjoy the holiday season! Try not to do so much! Warm Southern hugs ♥♥♥

Briana said...

Oh, my. I hope you feel better soon. How sweet a new kitty for your little guy. He looks like a good dad.