Thursday, December 8, 2011

glittered skates

One of the great things about saving things (aka collecting junk) is sometimes you have a brainstorm and after digging through barn bins and boxes (aka making a huge mess) you find everything you need to begin and end a project.  That is one of my favorite feelings.

This project is relatively easy and a good alternative if you are tired of hanging a wreath on the front door.


These pictures are terrible as there was an awful glare, not that I’m complaining about glorious sunshine.


I glittered the skates, added vintage ribbon laces and some faux feather boa trim around the top.  Then Henry and I went in the woods and cut some greenery, this was my favorite part as it was a foggy, gray day and it felt like an adventure to both of us.  The only sad part being he found where I hauled our jack-o-lanterns after Halloween-- they sat with distorted expressions all saggy and deflated. He talked about those pumpkins all day.  Oh the sad facts of a jack-o-lantern life.


Sally O’Malley has become a part of our family. She has added a softness and sweetness to our days.  I have to refrain from talking too much about this cat.  I can only imagine how I will be when there is a baby in the house.

This brings me to say thank you for your well wishes… we are halfway there, the baby is due in April.  The good days are slowly pushing ahead of the not so good days, I have some other health stuff going on but each day feel more and more invigorated and dream of holding that little baby in my arms! 


PS Recently feeling lowly and gruff I reread the first year of my blog, it’s so dumb!  I wanted to delete the whole thing. Has that ever happened to you? 

Go ahead and act like those two grouchy old men on the Muppets and ask me, what are you so worried about?  It’s still pretty dumb!  ha-ha



Dawn said...

So glad you're feeling better! I love the skates! DO NOT DELETE your old posts! I haven't read them but I have read mine! I'd like to delete them, but then I like to see how much better my posting became!

Jemm said...

You have wild holly and spruce just growing out there!!?? That is awesome.

I'll reiterate what the previous commenter said...DO NOT DELETE you old posts!

Andi said...

Love the skates.

Ditto on not deleting old posts.

And what a great story of the shock of disintegrating pumpkins...A sad but true circle of a jack o lantern's life.

Barbara said...

I really thought that first photo was from a magazine - don't know what you're talking about that it's not a good photo! I don't look back at my old blog posts unless there's something I have to look up. Shudder.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I sure hope you start to feel lots better! I know it's not easy to 'take it easy and rest' with all that you have to do! I love these ice skates! They are a beautiful touch! Hugs to you, my friend! ♥♥♥