Thursday, December 15, 2011

tags of yore



The one activity the kids and I return to each year is making gift tags.  We set up some tables and all the stuff that can be glued onto card stock and spend our free time making tags.  Sometimes it’s 10 minutes and sometimes the whole day.  There is always Christmas records playing and candy to munch on. Often we are loud (some of us more than others) and occasionally we laugh and fight at the same time.



I save the tags each year and love looking back at them.

Hadley comes home today, as well as my husband.  The house feels warmer when everyone is home, so does my heart!


Andi said...

That warms my heart just thinking of that for you! Love the gift tags!

Juniper said...

I like your tag making tradition, and can picture your full-of-life-house with music playing and sounds of children (of all ages) talking, laughing, singing. Enjoy the weekend together with everyone!

Jemm said...

That's a great tradition to have. I love the look of the tags too. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas with your family if I don't post again. I bet it will be great to be so near your whole family this year too.

Jacqueline said...

Happy Christmas!

May your next year be full of love and laughter and many memories made, all in the name of LOVE!

I have been everywhere but visiting blogs! Goodness gracious, I've missed coming to visit you.

Santa said I'm still on the good girl list but if I don't straighten up, I could wind up on the naughty list so I promise to come back more often!

Ekkkk...a promise! Take it to heart, I will return more. I love your blog!