Thursday, November 17, 2011

gingham is good for boys, too


Blogging about making stuff seems so far away.  Did I really do that?

Slowly I am finding routines I like and making stuff is creeping its way towards the top of the list.

I finished the boys curtains and set about decorating their room.  Though they are far apart in age it seems to work somehow.  It’s kind of an eclectic mix of airplane and cowboy with a couple sports oldies just for fun.

093 096

The airplanes are hung from the ceiling with fishing line, and what you can’t see is the gouge I made in the plaster ceiling. (Note to self screws and anchors won’t really work in a plaster ceiling.)


On a whim I decided to make the curtains above the beds just valances as I wish I could say I trust my four year old not to play with regular panels and pull them over his head but he is four and often surprises me with his antics. 

I always forget how homey curtains make a room feel.  The kids rooms are easy for me to pick and choose what would look right…I struggle with the other rooms as it’s such a permanent decision, you know?  The investment of fabric and time only to wonder if you really like it.  I guess that’s called procrastination!


Dawn said...

I like the gingham!

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Anonymous said...

the blue gingham looks great! I'm totally in love with gingham.