Friday, January 8, 2010

The Golden Corner

I spent a few minutes today admiring the Flickr Group: Corners of my Home. This was a recommendation from SouleMama, and indeed it was a good one. It is bitter cold here and after I scrolled through many photos, I was warm. In my heart. Not my hands, they are still cold.

It is too cold to do laundry but not too cold to sit on the computer. Especially if you are a certain person from LMLD and have new groovy gloves.

This is the corner near the computer where the Golden books are. What started as a thrifty way to collect books during my young mothering days turned magically into a collection. When it's naptime the wee boy usually picks from this shelf. Today was "Hiram's Red Shirt".

My favorite Golden Book would have to be among the very first few I bought. It's called "Baby Dear". Have you heard of it?

These are Golden Guides, I like them as they are small and colorful. I like to pick a couple for road trips as we are trivia junkies and will take turns asking questions. I received one as gift when I was seven from my aunt and uncle. They are nice aren't they? I'm talking about my aunt and uncle--not the Golden Guides, though they are nice, too. UJ do you remember it? It was this one:

I hope when I was seven I said thank you, as you can see I think it has been a terrific gift. Maybe every thirty years there should be a thank you renewal?

Thank You AJ and UJ. I love you!

With love from,

your favorite niece

Sharing corners is should try it. If you do let me know so I can visit!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Well, of course I have a collection of Golden books AND the small identification books, too! We both love so many of the same things! I'll post my Golden books soon! I need to get in the doll room and take new pics! I love this whole idea! Have a good weekend!

Jemm said...

This is a great idea! I am amazed at the number of Golden books and guides you possess. I, too, love the guides and usually snatch them up if I see one. I passed by a "The Golden Guide to Cacti" in a used book shop the other day. Now I'm wishing I'd gotten it. Maybe they'll still have it next time I stop in.

Jeannine said...

Wow, that is a great collection. I must say I have a ton of books for the kids, and I always thought I would sell some of them when we grow older, but the kids never get tired of them. I guess I will be lugging them around for years to come.

UJ said...

Don't specifically remember the gift, but being about cats doesn't doesn't surprise me. Great to know the covers are well worn and the contents exposed to many other eyes.....but to expose the fact that you're God!

Love ya, UJ&AJ

Leila said...

You have a lot of Golden books. Wow.

I love them and always have. I love that you can get a perfectly beautiful and vintage-y book at the grocery store for your kids. At least here you can. Including that one that is your favorite!

I have some of those guides too. It seems like there was a time when people just helpfully put information and sweet thoughts into books for kids -- no irony, no marketing.

Anyway, thanks for the link! and how funny that you mention Corners of my home, because I have a series of posts brewing that are going to refer to that collection as inspiration! So I guess that there is something in the air...

barbara said...

I ADORED those Golden Guides! I had a lot of them - birds, mammals, fossils. Not that I was a geeky child or anything.

meg duerksen said...

my favorite golden book was The New Baby. :) HAD to be the same artist as the one from your favorite book.
everyone is dressed all 70's in it too.

jen said...

i used to have that cat book! in fact, i think my parents may still have it; hadn't seen it in years!