Wednesday, February 20, 2013

thoughts to think

Have you seen The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel?

I think I would recommend it to you. I love films that make you think.  This one makes you think about aging and travel and about outwardly being who you are on the inside.

I struggle with that last one. 

I wrote somewhere on this blog that I often feel like an outgoing person trapped in a shy person’s body.  It seems like all my adult years I have spent trying to change that.  It’s hard!

Anyhow that movie set my wheels spinning about a whole bunch of stuff.

Not all bad exactly but just when I was about to think how gloomy a day it was out I realized what I was looking at out the window was a fat robin.


Such a welcome sight on a gray winter day.


Just a few more weeks. 

Tonight I am making Guinness Beef Pie from What Katie Ate.  I never buy beer and felt like a teenager trying to act cool and nonchalant putting Guinness in my cart. As if I need a reason to buy beer?

Why am I such a dork?!



Nicole said...

It's funny that you're recommending this movie because had never heard of it until someone suggested it on my Facebook this weekend. Now that I've heard 2 good reviews, I will definitely have to watch it!

p.s. I think I got trapped in the wrong body, too. Somewhere out there is a really shy person who just wants to tell their outsides to shut up already!!

Juniper said...

Yes, in fact I saw it last week. I really enjoyed it. A good reflecion of the inner changes that still are happening later on in life. I would like to think when I one day am old and the children have all grown up and moved on that I would be gutsy enough to travel to far off places and be open to making new friends and experiencing new things. Am a shy person at heart but just too curious and opinionated to keep very quiet these days.

Barbara said...

I liked that movie, too - and I always like to see robins. I have no reservations putting Guinness in my cart, except for the price.

Dawn Castor said...

Someone who knows nothing about you might see all your kids with you and think, "that women obviously needs to drink!" Haha. Just kidding. If you think it's hard to buy beer you should try being a Southern Baptist who might want to make a recipe that calls for wine or rum or something! Basically you just substitute chicken broth cause there's no way anyone isgoing to allow you to purchase alcohol without snide remarks!

It's Just Dottie said...

I really liked that movie. Smiles, Dottie