Saturday, October 5, 2013

goldilock chairs


Outside of being a mother and wife and all that important stuff, I am a collector.

I don’t like the word junk or cheap.

I like old things.

That explains why there are enough children’s chairs in the barn to seat a large population of children.

Sometimes I redo them, but I like to leave them just so, too.

This blue chair reminds me of the three bears story. That’s mostly the reason I can’t resell it.


Surely a rocking swan is a necessity?  Good grief what kind of mother would I be if he was unable to contribute to his balance/ rocking skills without a swan?


UJ said...

Love Sawyer's swan smirk........

Dawn Castor said...

I would say a 'found' rocking swan is a necessity purchase! Cute!

Maggie said...

You must save all of those chairs to seat all your future grandchildren. I promise I will bring you lots. Love you!


Martha Dehne said...

That picture of Sawyer is the cutest thing ever!