Sunday, July 6, 2008


Our house is a mess of boxes. This is good even though being unorganized makes me crazy. The movers will pack this week and drive Thursday. This means another road trip for me and the kids. While our stuff is in limbo we will go "home" to Connecticut and visit family and friends. Spending a chunk of time on the shoreline is the most relaxing thing I could choose to do. There is nothing I would change about it. If you are ever looking for a quiet out of the way vacation spot go to New England! I will take time to blog once in a while but my creative zest is out of commission. I'll try not to be the droning neighbors next door who share hours of vacation photos. I truly have so much to do but am so dog gone tired I don't even feel like showering. This is very gross if you knew how sweaty I was today. Yaaaawwwwnnn. G'nite.


Daisys Little Cottage said...

Hope everything comes together smoothly for you.