Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The post in which I talk a lot but don’t say much

027 Though the kids are out of school and it will be 100 degrees today (That’s one hundred D-E-G-R-E-E-S and zero cents) I am having to convince myself it is indeed summer. Nothing I could tell myself was working so after lunch I tried to take a nap.

030 But there I was laying in upon my bed watching and listening to the ceiling fan whirring round and round. Feeling guilty I wasn’t gluing bits of colored paper with Molly or listening to Sam tell me another snake story he heard at school.

031 All winter I collected books that I would read during the summer. I started my first one and while it is okay, it just wasn’t feeling like a lazy summer read kind of day.

Will it feel like summer soon?

034 We had a big party here on Saturday night. It was kind of crazy, there was a boatload of kids. Luckily it was outside as some of the kids were really, really bad. It made me love my kids very much when everyone went home. Truthfully the whole thing made me very tired. By 11:00 Molly and Henry were floating around on energy they sucked out of a soda and my dear daughter Hadley gave them bath without me even knowing. If you have ever been responsible for overtired bug spray encrusted children who have black fingernails and sweat grime behind their knees and ears you surely must know how much I appreciated that she did that.

017 - Copy

I haven’t told any of my local friends I have a blog. I didn’t ask anyone if I could put their picture up, b/c then they would say Freckled Hen? What is that? And I don’t have a good answer. I mean good grief today I wrote about not being able to take a nap. What exactly is my blog? It’s something I often think about. I suppose my blog is a maternal representation of my thoughts. I love being a mother and wife and sharing my love for gingham and old bobbins. Oh and chickens and old kitchen junk and how my horse passes gas. It all makes sense to you, right?

I hope you are starting Summer off on a good foot. Thanks for reading all my words, I shall go and read some of yours.



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your blog makes me smile...that's worth something don't you think? heehee! And it brings back memories of when I had 4 boys running around the house with all of their friends. I always thought it was better for my boys to invite their friends to our house because I could keep a better eye on what they did..and said! But it was a lot of work. I wouldn't have missed it for the world! Hope your horse is comfortable tonight and you get some rest! heeheehee!♥♥♥

Dawn said...

I look forward to each new post. And perhaps since my blog is about nothing in particular, that is why I love yours! Do you think after a certain amount of time we will run out of things to say? I've been kind of dealing with that. Why do I write? Why do I bother? Because I like it, I guess! BTW, I'm sorry some children were bad--aren't you glad they weren't yours?

Honey said...

I have not told my friends that I have a blog either. I guess it is easier to share my life with strangers than them. So, it makes perfect sense that you do the same. :) Although, I don't feel like people who read my blog are strangers. Love the quilt on your bed by the way. Very pretty. :)

Cyndy said...

Hello, I've been visiting for awhile but this is my first comment. I'm envious of your 100 degree weather. Where I live we are still waiting to break the 80 degree mark! Truly, it barely feels like spring here...the only way one can tell it might be close to summer is that there are leaves on the trees!

Hoping your summer starts feeling like it soon! :)

Leila said...

You are so funny. I think that if someone figured out that you have a blog and found that their picture was on it, they would be grateful you blanked out their bum. I know I would be, much more than my face!!

Somehow I think that the nice ladies who share their bits of fabric, motherly moments, and thrifted stuff (as opposed to the bitter ladies who share about how much their kids and hubbies make them bitter -- like, really? you think you know how to blog and your kids don't know how to Google??) are a treasure.

In this day of feeling like no one gets why I bought a wooden box for a dollar at a yard sale, or spent time making a quilt, I appreciate my on-line buddies a lot!

So keep up the good work! And if 100*, dirty kids, and fans don't convince you it's summer, I'm not sure what will!

Jackie said...

Between Hadley, cute homemade cakes and party till you drop nights, where do I go from here? Love the pic of the lady's behind up in the wind and you made so sure to bleep her fanny out.

You just crack me up and yes, I do understand you. I think it's that old auntie wanna be in me that hangs around with ducks that flutter and dive under water and quack...bottoms up...sometimes they pass gas for fun too...

Love and lucky wishes to you. I apologize for the lack of visits...I have had a rotten egg week last week but I'm on a Cupcake Walk now! You betcha!

Andi said...

I love the identity protection! What a hoot!

Leslie said...

I loved how you "bleeped" out the ladies behind. FUNNY
Happy Summer.
100 degrees.. ughhh, to hot already.

The Dadman Diaries said...

Good grief I love you.

Robin said...

I just loved this post. So real. This is the perfect reason to have a blog. I thought it was funny that you put a white square on someone's tush. Ha! Hope your Sunday was lovely... -Robin

Dawn Gahan said...

Liked this post a lot. Don't you just love that you have good kids? So rare these days.

Jemm said...

I have often picked up "Summer People" to read, but a friend read it and said it was just OK, like you did.

I haven't told many of my local friends either. They just wouldn't get it. I don't tell my husband's family either. I should not have told my mother either....anyway, I get it :)