Friday, June 10, 2011

A little spot of shade

It’s true I’m a little bit tired.  But I don’t really want that to sound like a complaint as I am so very excited for this move. 

This drought and heat has made me appreciate so many things.  Often I think of those who settled here first and how they dealt with all these extremes.  How did they do it?  Having to grow enough food for their families and animals…working under this intense sun. 

I was feeling sorry for myself as I hung my laundry (our dryer has been broken and no one in this town has the right part. By the way that IS a complaint.) and started laughing at myself and my pettiness.  I took some pictures of our brown yard that crunches under your feet.



I will never forget these weeks, now months of dry weather. 

I came in the house to download the pictures and realized I had some of our new place I had yet to download.

The green grass made me get choked up.


I feel so emotional lately, maybe moving closer to home is chipping away my protective emotional wall.  I just want to lay on that lush grass and do nothing.  Maybe look at the clouds floating by, but nothing else.  Okay if Ken is with me maybe we could kiss.  But that’s all, looking at clouds and making out.

Tomorrow is Saturday and this makes me happy. I shall wake up, make my family breakfast, and use up the last of the maple syrup. Yum.



Leila said...

I feel sorry for poor Texas. And your poor crunch lawn.

I love your new house, though! How perfect! May you enjoy the lawn and all of it!

Leila said...


Leslie said...

Enjoy that maple syrup!!! I love the new house and I can't wait to see everything once you are all finished with the move.
It's an emotional time ~ enjoy the green grass and blue skies.

Andi said...

"But that’s all, looking at clouds and making out."

I love it. I know you are ready to move on. Sometimes when we're waiting to move I'm in a hurry as I hate goodbyes and do emotion well, while all of my friends seem to descend and never want to leave. I remember at my last house the entire place was packed and in boxes, and my friends came over and stayed what felt like forever and I wondered why they didn't go home. Isn't that mean? But, I just don't do emotion or goodbyes well. I want to rip the bandaid off.

Sorry about the drought. That always stinks. We are green here, but my parents house about 200 miles looks like winter, only worse. Sadness...

Unknown said...

The fact that you are a very real rabbit in the world of stuffed rabbits is a wonderful thing!

Your writing, as I've said before, is worth many mentions! It's all about the very real heart matters of life and for that, I give you a kleenex and best of times with green grass dreams with kisses sweet from that sweet husband.

Let those emotions flow right to the new front door!

Hugs and high hopes!
Once Upon A Fairyland

Prairie Rose said...

I am sorry everything is so "crunchy"!
But, I have to agree with the others.....Your new house is stunning!
I am very jealous:)
Have a beautiful day,friend.

restauranter i København said...

It looks like a poor crunch lawn. Hopes it will get better :)



Emily said...

Your new house looks fantastic! I am so happy for you. I get really upset watching House Hunters and all these home shows, knowing I'm stuck in, what used to be, my husband's grandparent's house for the rest of my life, that I didn't get to pick it out or decide anything about it. (yes I'm totally complaining) But I have to tell you, friend, I am sincerely and whole-heartedly happy for you :) More pics please!

LB's Sewing Sanity said...

Lovely's such a "KD" house. Can't wait to visit. I will lie in the grass and drink iced tea w/you, but, I draw the line on kissing. LOL.

BTW - I always love reading Jaqueline's posts on your blog. She blesses the english language with her chosen words.

Happy for your new adventure. One day you may miss the scent of the drought...crisp, crunchy, dry, like an abandoned barn full of hay. :(

barbara said...

I can't imagine how dry it is there ... and how sorry I am that I sometimes complain about rain. On a happy note: your new house is lovely! Very, very happy for you.

It's Just Dottie said...

My grass is brown and it is so hot. I really like line drying my clothes thank goodness.
I know you are so happy to move closer to home and where it is green.I love your new house and I know you will make it a lovely home.