Monday, January 9, 2012

baking, growing and the window box


Though I tried so hard to schedule the amaryllis to bloom during Christmas it has an agenda all its own.  It’s finally about to burst and each morning as I make my way to the kitchen I get a little excited to see if it will be the magical morning. 


Growing things has always been miraculous to me, especially during the cold gray days of January.  My plants sit in the glass window box tricked by the brightness of the day, I will never tell them how cold it is out as surely they would shiver themselves into hibernation.  Fresh herbs make cooking more fun, I love fresh basil, tomatoes and garlic over oily spaghetti noodles.


This morning was a raisin bread morning.  It was one of those mismatch kind of mornings when everyone's routines bumped into one another and the stress of it was almost too much.  But raisin bread fixes all that.

But more than plants in the window box, the splendor of bread rising, or the growing of an amaryllis…I love the miracle that’s growing in my belly.


A baby…soft and sweet.  Growing each cold winter day until the green returns to the grass and the sun shines a little longer in the sky.  It will be here in time to sit snuggled in a sling against me as we turn the earth for our family garden.  It’s hard not to count the days!


Barbara said...

Wait 'til that lucky baby gets a look at all of you ... can't imagine a nicer family to join.

Dog Trot Farm said...

By reading your wonderful blog I can tell your family is one of much love and happiness, how wonderful for another blessing to join you, Spring? This time of year PaperWhites add a smile to my face! Greetings from Dog Trot Farm, Julie.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog this weekend....ended up reading all the way to the end. You have a way with words! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Martha :)

Paula said...

I was feeling so jealous looking at your plants, your beautiful bread (my family wouldn't love) and then you throw in the baby...sigh. You've got it good.

Dawn said...

Sweet baby picture.

Jemm said...

That is such a great picture at the end. We've got some hyacinth we're waiting on. I can't wait to smell their sweet blossoms!

Leila said...

Beautiful -- a wonderful winter activity: Waiting for baby!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a sweet photo! I know you are excited about this precious blessing! Enjoy your week, my friend! ♥

Juniper said...

That IS a special magical growing to be centered on, and what a sweet photo to show your little (growing) belly! Mine feels ready to pop- any day now! counting the days here too.

Nezzy said...

A baby!!! Oh sweetie I'm so happy for ya...CONGRATULATIONS!!!

The beautiful plant, warm fresh raisin bread and a baby...does it get any better than this???


God bless ya sweetie and have a magnificent day!!!

It's Just Dottie said...

The most wonderful post every!!!!
Hugs. Dottie