Sunday, June 24, 2012

thrifty goodness

The sales are peaking around here.  Every weekend the local intersections are announcing a tag sale or two and the older girls and I are usually up even before our good moods are awake.  I often think of their early years and how many Saturday mornings I dragged them to yard sales and flea markets.  I thought I had forever turned them against sales…but luckily they want to go now.  It must be part of their DNA.


These bowls are one of my favorite finds as I have never found them in such good shape.

The girls look for stuff for their etsy shops, mostly vintage clothes.  I can’t believe the stuff they resell—lots of 1980’s high waisted  shorts and dresses you saw your mother wear in 1975. 

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I think I might actually use this barbeque tray, it’s big enough to be useful for our large family.  It’s usually so many trips in and out of the house when we eat outside.   We needed to update our grill and decided on charcoal, we are really liking it.  I bought a charcoal chimney for the grill off amazon…I recommend it! No lighter fluid, it all feels a bit retro but the food tastes so good!

PS do you instagram? I’m just starting (freckledhen8) it’s fun!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love that big tray! I need one to take drinks and lunch out to the lanai. It's fun that your girls like to go now! Hugs!

Leila said...

Love your finds -- I have a bbq tray just like that from a local thrift store, and a) it reminds me of my childhood and b) it is the solution for serving hamburgers on their buns so things don't get drippy. Nice and big.
And the chair you have it on! Love! Was that a yard sale find also?

Barbara said...

The bowls are amazing!

Prairie Rose said...

Wow! those bowls are just stunning!
I love the yard sales, they are just like a treasure hunt:)
That BBQ tray looks cute and very useful, so glad you found it!

Andi said...

I love my bowls like that! And the tray is perfect. Of course, I use a large red plastic wash tub and that works really well too.

Dawn Castor said...

Love the bowls and the tray. And I especially love the "up before your good moods are awake" statement! That is so me!!! I love searching for good junk with my girls too!

Jemm said...

OMGolly. I can't believe your bowl set! Please don't tell me it like $5. I will cry. I have slowed down my Pyrex collecting of late. I am running out of places to store it and my kitchen really isn't that small.

I can't do Instagram because it's only for iPhone right? I have an iPad...really want an iPhone.