Tuesday, January 21, 2014

saddle up


Was it my last post I spoke of winter and staying home?  Because haha the joke was on me…my husband is tdy and the kids caught that miserable flu that is going around. After a few days Ken called and was sick and I caught it, too.

Now we are recuperated and I am so grateful to have most of us better.  It’s time to chip away at the iceberg that is winter and force a few bulbs, maybe plant some seeds.

Our warmest room in the house is the playroom—which is a finished off attic.  This is where we have mostly been.  Molly has taken a shine to sewing and stitching.  She and I do this while the little boys play cars and fisher price.  It is such a good feeling when we are up in that room playing and watching the snow fall out of the giant window.

When I was down and out I watched several french films on my ipad.  Watching them has quenched something within me, much like reading a good book.  Modern movies seem to require a lot of patience from me.  It is hard to sit still so long and not feel like I am wasting my time.  Maybe this is just me.  Anyhow I recommend this one:

The Well-Digger’s Daughter


OK c’est tout! Au revoir!


Dawn Gahan said...

Just added it to my Netflix queue!!!

Anonymous said...

You are one creative busy mom! I appreciate seeing some of the historic homes you've shown and you've captured some adorable pics of you kids. Andrea