Wednesday, February 5, 2014

100 year old lessons


This is the view from my room. 

There is a brook that runs through those trees and it is the most lovely thing to fall asleep with the windows open listening to it.  Almost always before I sleep I think of the olden days as this house and town still hold on to those horse and buggy days.  It isn’t hard to imagine the way it all looked back then. 

This morning I thought of my great-great grandmother.  Her name was Flora Sampson.  She lived to an old age and based on all the pictures and letters I have seen she was very busy on her homestead.  In one letter to her daughter she complained at how idle she had been that day having “only planted 40 hills of beans.”


This is her feeding the hens at her home in Massachusetts.   I wonder what she is feeding them as I am certain she didn’t drive her minivan to the drive thru grain store (seriously I go to a drive through grain store where you pull into their garage and pay through a window as they load it up).  Sometimes I wonder if we had to physically do more in our lives if we would all be a little better off.  Not that I want to have to do more.  You get what I’m saying, right? 

Translation: We should be closer to saying planting 40 hills of beans isn’t a big deal and farther away from watching home garden shows on tv.   But it is so hard!


Barbara said...

I adore this photo. And think you are right - I honestly do not know how my grandmother on the farm managed.