Wednesday, March 12, 2014

write what you know

Blogging has evolved these last couple years, maybe just for me but it seems the general “mood” of it has changed.  Much like the mom and pop stores that used to line every main street slowly disappeared, it seems the same type of blogs are fading away.  The kind of blogs that are a whole lot about nothing.  They have always inspired me by their everyday life.  I like the trade of words and photos… a day of my everyday life for a day of yours.  Though I write often it seems it just hasn’t been on my blog.

This leads me to blog writers block.  I don’t know enough stuff to be an expert on anything.  And it seems that is where most of the blogs I would frequent have headed.  Which is fine, too.  Oh, I am so wishy washy.

I have  lot of kids and I might have some default parenting advice occasionally.  But am I an expert mother? Umm, no.

I cook food everyday, but it is usually not pinterest pretty (trust me).

I can sew but that usually is equal parts seam ripping, so scratch that.

Maybe it falls to perspective.  My thoughts on things seem passionate to me.  This has only been exponentially grown by the last year of my life.  I am grateful for a lot of stuff. 


I love that Sawyer can be so happy at wearing just a hat and a diaper.  (he is just like his father)


I love that last weekend when my husband drove our beloved 16 year old van to the junk yard he might have gotten choked up a bit.  That van has been driven through the mountains of Turkey, through the streets of Paris and back and forth across the States too many times to count. She barely made it to the junk yard but she did it.  We named her Caroline when we bought her after Ma Ingalls as she was such a strong woman.  What? You don’t name your cars????


Is it silly to tell you I am thinking of making another quilt only from my stash but after much deliberation I have decided my stash is no good?  I feel like a moody fashion designer. It just won’t work as I give a disgusted wave of my hand.

So many thoughts and so little time. But always feeling grateful.  Always.


Prairie Rose said...

All our vehicles get names:)
Love that hat Sawyer is wearing!

Briana Jeffers said...

So many of my thoughts on blogging are the same as yours.

I like your quilt fabric options but I understand the "nothing to work with in my stash" lament.

It is difficult to feel like a legitimate expert on anything! I think most bloggers are faking it. I want to write what I know but I feel like a poser when I do. Ag, the angst of bloggers. ;)

Dog Trot Farm said...

Was it difficult watching "Caroline" leave the driveway for the last time? She must have held so many wonderful memories...I so enjoy reading your blog, learning about your wonderful children, your lovely home and your crafting projects...( I do believe Travis and Sawyer would be fast friends) Lets hope spring arrives on our doorstep soon!!! Greetings, Julie...

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Looks like you are as busy as ever. One of these days I'll try to make a quilt! I sure have enough fabric for one! Have a good week my friend! Sweet hugs!

UJ said...

Feeling grateful is good. And living in my cars over the years doing my job, I've had similar feelings leaving them behind.

The Dadman Diaries said...

Great post! Love how you make smile, choke up and feel inspired all at the same time. Wait. Hrumpf. I never choke up.