Monday, November 3, 2014

hither dither


Yay…Halloween is over. I guess I am turning into one of those people.

Maybe it’s from having many children and the annual costume hyper extravaganza has worn itself out?

Anyway I know I do like Halloween somewhere in me brain but this year I will say hooray to November.

We are deep into Birthday celebrations, too.  I like those.  No scrooging about those.

For Sam’s over the weekend we hired a birthday clown.


The best clown in the world is a two year old with crooked face paint.  He will make you smile and laugh—that is certain.


I call this picture “Sawyer and The Clown”. 

Haha, husband jokes…my favorite!


Juniper said...

Oh how your sweet family has grown! your little clown is very cute indeed. We too are in the middle of birthdays, so many scorpios around in this one house!

UJ said...

Main men, and Molly......I wish her well...Good thing she has you on her side...

Anonymous said...
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