Monday, June 29, 2015


We went somewhere.  
Usually when we travel with our family I need a vacation from our vacation.  No matter if everything goes smoothly just the fact that there are so many people in our family makes it very easy to get worn out. I think this is the first time in years I came home feeling so relaxed.  Like cool as a cucumber.
I felt like I could conquer the world.  Is that normal when you feel relaxed? I dunno but I liked it.
We stayed in a lighthouse cottage perched on the edge of a craggy piece of shoreline jutting out into the Atlantic.  Oh, I loved it!  On sunny days it was serene and breathtaking with gulls and clams and beauty all around.  On rainy days it was so gray and dramatic.  I felt like an old sea wife staring out into the angry sea. It was just perfect.

It was nice to be somewhere that didn't have a to-do list.  No planting, mowing, painting.  Ahhh that is the life.  When it comes to vacation I am definitely not a cruise ship or resort kind of girl.  Give me a stack of books and an uninhabited piece of coast and I will be your best friend.  Though occasionally we do the resort stuff for the kids (insert headache here) and manage to have fun.

For the most part the younger kids were able to entertain themselves.  They did lots of investigative work amongst the rocks.  And of course there was the collection of rocks.  Buckets of rocks that painstakingly had to be sorted for the best and the rest put back.  We have a rock painting station set up in the porch.  Please note there are many good rock painting ideas on pinterest.  My favorite was the self portrait rocks. People are so clever.

 Ken and I both might have broken some personal reading records.  Lots of reading.  I am trying to continue the momentum but that darn to-do list keeps getting in the way.

June is winding down.  The newness of summer is wearing away.  We are approaching the real grunt work of summer.  The weeding- it will never stop.  But at least we have cold watermelon and the swimming hole.
I'm missing my blog friends...please say hello!